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Does success have more to do with grit than genes?

In his Frontal Cortex column this week at Wired, science writer Jonah Lehrer explores an intriguing question: What causes people to be successful at something, whether it’s hitting a golf ball or playing the piano or trading stocks?
You need talent

Health illiteracy and the appeal of magic

I’m reading a charming book this week called “The Book of English Magic.” The adjective charming is apt on several levels, for the book not only has a seductively pleasing tone, but it also frequently talks about “charmers,” including magic

The ‘Oscar Curse’ is real, study finds

Here’s a topic to bring up at your Oscar party on Sunday: Do married women who win the best actress award head to divorce court more quickly than their losing peers?
In other words, is the so-called Oscar Curse real?
A new study [PDF], released ea