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There is a ‘youth pill’: It’s called exercise

The longer I’ve been a health writer, the more convinced I’ve become that exercise is the true fountain of youth.
That belief was reinforced on Monday with the publication of four new articles in the Archives of Internal Medicine linking physical act

U of M study: By any measurement, obesity raises risk of stroke

No matter how you measure obesity — by body-mass index (BMI), waist circumference or waist-to-hip ratio — being obese raises your risk of stroke.
And, regardless of race or gender, the more obese you are, the greater your risk.
Those are the key find

More on TV viewing and health (with a warning for parents)

To follow up on yesterday’s post regarding sedentary behavior (primarily TV viewing) and health, I thought I’d mention Dave Munger’s recent online report for Seed Magazine in which he describes other research on this topic.
First, he talks about a st

Sedentary time is unhealthful, even if you’re an exerciser

We know that physical activity is good for health.
But is the reverse also true: Is sitting — being sedentary — bad for health?
A study published last week in the online version of Circulation, the medical journal of the American He

Sales pitches work in selling hormones to middle-aged men

Women aren’t the only ones who’ve been sold (and pretty much bought, until recently, at least) the idea that a natural life passage, menopause, is a medical condition that requires hormone therapy medication — that is, if you want to avoid becoming a

Following the mammogram money

In an article in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, reporter Alicia Mundy describes how lobbyists for three powerful interest groups — radiologists, companies who make mammography equipment, and certain breast-cancer-awareness groups (who receive financi

Is a third wave of H1N1 coming our way?

A year ago, the novel H1N1 virus was a complete unknown, but since then, we’ve experienced two peaks in outbreaks. With about half the nation still vulnerable, it probably isn’t done with us yet.