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Girls are beginning puberty at younger age, study finds

For more than a decade scientists have been debating whether girls are entering puberty at earlier ages — and, if so, what might be causing it. A study published today in the journal Pediatrics raises the issue yet again.

Health research: Firms get leading experts — for a price

I recently heard a report on National Public Radio (NPR) about how BP is handing out lucrative research contracts (more than $200 per hour) to prominent marine scientists at Texas A&M, Louisiana State University and elsewhere — as long as the re

Wealth can hamper ability to savor life’s pleasures, study indicates

A recently published Belgian study offers a bit of schadenfreude for everybody who’s struggling financially as we deal with the great recession:
Wealthy people, it seems, can’t savor everyday joys as much as the rest of us.
As the researchers themsel

Gut reaction: Are intestinal bacteria making us fat?

In her most recent Newsweek column, science reporter Sharon Begley summarizes some of the intriguing new research that suggests that weight gain — and obesity — may not be simply a matter of taking in more calories than you expend:[W]hile the basic m