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It’s not easy being green (and staying virtuous)

In her online column this week, Newsweek science writer Sharon Begley reports on a soon-to-be-published study whose findings should make even the greenest shopper among us engage in some deep self-reflection.
The study (which received a bit of press

Of wine, women and weight loss

Women around the world were shouting “Cheers!” to Tuesday’s news reports about a study that found that women who drink moderate amounts of alcohol (a drink or two daily, particularly red wine) gain less weight at midlife than women who don’t drink at

Fitness Friday: When twisting, lead with your pelvis

A couple of years ago I toured the research lab of Stuart McGill, Ph.D., professor of kinesiology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, and a burly Scot who is widely recognized as the smartest man working when it comes to the science of

Socrates would probably have hated Facebook

If, like me, you sometimes wonder if the time you spend on the Internet is stealthily wreaking havoc with your brain, you’ll be relieved to read the latest article in Slate by Vaughan Bell, the British neuropsychologist and intrepid blogger (Mind Ha