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Why We Care

House of Charity: proud sponsor of Mental Health & Addiction

At House of Charity, one of our primary goals is to help individuals who struggle to achieve long-term self-sufficiency. We recognize that many adults experiencing homelessness have chemical dependency and/or serious mental health issues. Having both is a significant barrier to finding stable housing and long-term employment.

Day By Day is our 120-day outpatient program for adults that offers a holistic, trauma-informed approach to Co-Occurring Chemical and Mental Health Treatment. We offer a safe and sober environment where clients have the ability to build self-esteem, make positive changes, and learn to live productive lives as part of recovery in gender-responsive groups.

House of Charity proudly sponsors MinnPost’s Mental Health & Addiction coverage. Writer Andy Steiner shines a light on topics that affect a huge number Minnesotans, yet are often ignored until tragedy strikes. Her column prompts conversations about personal stories as well as policy issues related to mental health, addiction, and the complex relationship between the two.

We hope you make MinnPost your go-to source for engaging and respectable insights on Mental Health & Addiction issues in our state.

Editor’s note: While House of Charity’s sponsorship supports the publication of Mental Health & Addiction, House of Charity does not review or influence the column’s content. This is in accordance with MinnPost’s editorial independence policy.

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