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Highway 11 bridge in Robbin

Issues: Cracks in the superstructure are an issue.

Highway 11 bridge in Robbin
Highway 11 bridge in Robbin/Photo by Alissa Haupt

Issues: Cracks in the superstructure are an issue. They have been reinforced, but still necessitate replacement.

Fracture critical? Yes

Structurally deficient? No

Sufficiency rating: 48.5

Deck rating: 5

Superstructure rating: 5

Substructure Rating: 7

Length: 1,058 feet

Width: 30 feet

Average daily traffic: 1,400 vehicles (2004)

Passes over: Red River into Drayton, N.D.

Constructed in: 1954

Construction starts in: 2009 — as early as this winter

Construction should finish in: 2011

Cost: $16 million to $20 million for Minnesota. North Dakota will pay the other half.

Detour: The new bridge will be built off-line from the existing structure, so traffic will run on the old structure during construction. There may be a temporary detour for less than a week.

New bridge: Conventional modern design

Source: Minnesota Department of Transportation

Alleen Brown is a senior journalism and global studies student at the University of Minnesota.

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