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Mr. Carlbom, 

Thank you for your offer to set up a series of debates between Randy Demmer and Congressman Walz. I know Mr. Demmer very much enjoyed the spirited discussion earlier this month at the FarmFest candidate forum. Our system of government is built upon the presumption of an informed electorate, and we believe that voters in Southern Minnesota would greatly benefit from continuing and expanding this discussion between now and Election Day.

Your proposal for three debates is a good start, though limiting a debate to one topic only does not offer voters adequate opportunity to learn more about our very different approaches to solving the problems facing our nation. Make no mistake, voters across this district want to hear answers regarding the lack of job creation, slowing economic recovery, and out-of-control deficit spending. To go to Mankato (as you suggest) and duck the concerns that voters have on those issues would be a disservice to those attending.

So, we’re pleased to accept the three you’ve offered, plus five more across the First District in Rochester, Mankato, Worthington, Winona, and Owatonna. We would also request participation in the KSTP/League of Women Voters debate, a joint appearance on the Almanac public affairs program, and a joint appearance at the Rochester Chamber of Commerce debate – an event that Congressman Walz has participated in all his previous campaigns.

To date, our campaign has received numerous invitations from organizations willing to host the debates that we agree to, as I’m sure you have. These groups include several local and statewide media outlets, the League of Women Voters, and Debate Minnesota, to name a few. We have let them all know that Mr. Demmer is interested and available to participate in a head to head debate with Congressman Walz as soon specific times and locations can be agreed upon. With the high level of interest in our race, I am sure there will be no lack of groups willing to host our proposed number of debates; in fact, I’m sure more invitations will be coming soon. 

In times of great uncertainty, it is vitally important that voters have a chance to question those in power who have failed to put this country back to work, and hear for themselves how other candidates plan to address the challenges facing our nation. I eagerly await your reply so that we can get started discussing specific times and locations for the series of debates.

Jason Flohrs
Campaign Manager
Demmer for Congress
P.O. Box 6
Hayfield, MN 55940
(507) 884-5051 (o)
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