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Tou Ger Xiong
Diversity Consultant, Comedian,
Storyteller, Rap Artist, & Actor

8455 Ashford Rd
Woodbury, MN 55125
Phone: (651) 738-0141
Fax: (651) 738-0142
Website: (under construction)

Tou Ger Xiong (TOO-JUR-SHONG) was born in Laos in 1973. Since Xiong’s father served with the CIA, his family had to flee Laos after the communist takeover in 1975. Xiong’s family escaped across the border and sought refuge in a Thai refugee camp. After four years in the camp, Xiong’s family immigrated to the United States as refugees of war. Xiong’s childhood in America began in the public housing projects of St. Paul. In 1992, Xiong graduated valedictorian from Humboldt High School. He went on to receive a degree in political science from Carleton College in Northfield, Minn. In 1996, Xiong created Project Respectism, an educational service project that uses comedy, storytelling and rap music to bridge cultures and generations. Since then, Project Respectism has evolved into a program that provides cultural entertainment and education for people of all professions and backgrounds. Xiong has taken his message about respect to 44 states in the past 12 years. He has given over 1,600 presentations nationwide to audiences of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, sometimes reaching as many as 10,000 people in a week.

Xiong’s work as a Hmong artist and activist has been featured on national television, radio and newspaper. He has been quoted as “one of the most influential Hmong in America today.” A documentary/rap video of Xiong’s project, titled “Hmong Means Free,” is currently airing on public television. Xiong also starred in “Portraits From the Cloth,” the first television movie about a Hmong family’s journey from war. Recently, he received the National Alumni Hall of Fame Award from the United Neighborhood Centers of America and the Pride of St. Paul’s Spurgeon Award for his accomplishments. Professionals refer to him as the first Hmong comedian, bilingual storyteller, and consultant on multicultural issues. Young people know him as the Hmong version of Chris Rock, Jim Carey and Snoop Doggy Dogg. All stir-fried into one.

Xiong is available for all-school presentations, diversity training for staff and student groups, and artist residencies. Speaker fees vary according to the number of performances and workshops. For more information and booking arrangements, please contact Xiong at the address above.

January 2010


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