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Information and documentation

MinnPost information and documentation pages are provided to add supporting information on topics covered in our stories.

Indian Health Service letter

September 30, 2010 The Honorable Kathleen Sebelius                                                                                                     Secretary                                                                                         

Demmer debate email

Mr. Carlbom,  Thank you for your offer to set up a series of debates between Randy Demmer and Congressman Walz. I know Mr. Demmer very much enjoyed the spirited discussion earlier this month at the FarmFest candidate forum.

Margaret Anne Cargill

Heiress, ‘Silent Philanthropist,’ dies in California Margaret Anne Cargill, 85, an heiress to Minneapolis-based agribusiness Cargill who delighted in making significant but anonymous donations to a variety of worthy causes, died August 1 at her home

2010 State of the State Address

This state of the state address is not the most important thing that happened in Minnesota this week — not by a long shot. The most important thing that happened this week is that our Red Bulls of the Minnesota National Guard came home.

Rob Hahn

Statement about running for governor: “Minnesota needs fresh leadership, and I’m the person to provide it. For too long, the two major parties have engaged in brutal partisan political battles that have accomplished little good.

Phil Herwig

Statement about running for governor: “I was the first Republican candidate to file for the 2010 race for governor. I did this on April 15, 2009. … I don’t play defense, I play offense!

Joe Repya

Statement about running for governor: “It is time to hear the people of Minnesota. It is time to put an end to political party divisiveness in St Paul. I am not a career politician, driven by the desire to be re-elected.