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Max Sparber joins MinnPost as a Glean writer

We’re pleased to announce that Max Sparber will be joining Brian Lambert as a regular contributor to The Daily Glean.

David Brauer, who inaugurated The Daily Glean, will be devoting more of his time to BrauBlog, one of our most popular features.

Daily Glean readers will be in good hands with Brian and Max.

MinnPost readers are familiar with Brian’s work. I’ll only add that in journalism circles, he’s considered one of the most respected and well-informed media writers in town.

Max, known as "Bunny" to his friends, is a Premack Award-winning journalist. In his two decades of writing, he worked as the editor-in-chief of The Reader in Omaha and a theater critic and arts journalist for City Pages. Most recently, he has been the MnSpeak forum editor for Secrets of the City. Max is also a playwright and a longtime blogger, and his playwriting and blogging can be found at

In working on The Daily Glean, Max says, he is “especially keen on reproducing the plurality of voices that the web has brought to news coverage, including the diverse mainstream organizations that report news, but also looking to bloggers, social media commenters, and whoever else might be online and have something to contribute to the conversation.”

And you’ve got to like a guy who his friends call Bunny.

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Comments (4)

This is fantastic.

There have been some subtle hints that us media insiders could detect that let us know that this announcement would be coming. Such as, Bunny has been doing the Daily Glean for a couple weeks now...;-)

A wise choice, MinnPost. Congrats, Max.

Yeah, gotta say, I was intrigued to read this post, since I first saw Sparber's byline on Glean a good two weeks ago. Was that like ... a trial period? Or were you hoping us astute MinnPost readers wouldn't notice?

Nevertheless, happy to see such a well-known local media voice added into the MinnPost fray.

Really glad to hear this is a more permanent arrangement and not just an awesome job of pinch-hitting on Max's part.