Mike Bonafield returns to MinnPost

MinnPost readers know that Mike Bonafield, who writes our “Quite Right” posts, has taken time off to confront some serious and scary health problems. In a May 28 post, Mike described what he faced in the coming weeks: Surgery for an abdominal aneurysm followed by more surgery, this time to remove a cancerous kidney. Mike, a former Marine, concluded the piece with a promise: He would return to his post at MinnPost soon.

I’m very happy to report that Mike’s surgeries are behind him and he’s recovering well. (Mike admits he may have pushed too hard for a quick recovery, appalling his doctor when he proudly announced that he had resumed his push-ups just a week after the aneurysm operation. “Told me not to do that again because of the possible interior damage to my abdominal muscles,” Mike says. “It’s a Marine Corps thing, I guess.”)

So for now, most of Mike’s exercise will involve reporting, thinking and writing for MinnPost. His regular posts are scheduled to resume next week, and we’re delighted to have him back.

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