Land of 10,000 book clubs?

Since we opened registration for MinnPost’s soon-to-launch Book Club Club 10 days ago, we’ve been hearing from book club members who want to register their clubs.

I love the names of the private book clubs. Mystery Sluts. Northfield Guys Book Club. Beer Drinkin’ Ladies’ Book Club. Apollo’s Luminaries. Not Only Carleton. Just Old Friends. Fight Club. Cognitive Dissidents. And lots more.

We’ve also discovered 120 open-to-the-public clubs, mostly sponsored by libraries, booksellers and community groups. They’re great too. But as you’ll see when we publish our public clubs directory, their names definitely need jazzing up.  

So why are clubs registering?

For sure the price is right. Free.

Or, could be the incentive we’re offering. All clubs registered by August 31 will be entered in a drawing for a wine and cheese basket to spice up your September meeting. The drawing will be held and the winning club notified on September 1.

Or, the long-term benefits. Invitations to events like an annual Book Club Ball, a book swap, author interviews; a monthly email with news, tips, and coupons sent to each club’s contact person for forwarding to other members; automatic entry in drawings for literary event tickets and prizes; and the opportunity to help us build and sustain a Minnesota community of engaged readers.

Or, as someone emailed me this morning, they think it’s a “great idea!”

So hurry. The incentive deadline is Monday, and I’m shopping for wine and cheese this weekend.

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