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Add Listing Slightly to your to-do list

Finally, an outlet for some of that marginally useful information clogging my overcrowded brain.

My fellow editors, in one of their weaker moments, have suggested that I share some of that mind clutter with you in the form of weekly quick-read lists — some of which they, against their will, are periodically bombarded with during office conversations.

I can’t help it. I’m an inveterate list-maker, and I have the tendency to inflict some of that information overload on others.

Most of the time, folks graciously indulge me as I offer my fifth-favorite movie quote from “Casablanca” or my all-time favorite single line of poetry (which happens to come from my second-favorite poem by my favorite poet) or … whatever.

I’m hoping you’ll indulge me, too. I’ll be trying to offer interesting, informative — and unusual — lists that sometimes might even spur the curious among you to check out something new or something you thought you’d never be interested in. I’ll provide lots of links for those so inclined.

So, welcome today to the first installment of what we’re calling “Listing Slightly: An Off-Kilter Look at Life and Culture.” The words “listing” and “off-kilter” both refer to my somewhat eccentric and offbeat take on things. And the reference to “slight” reinforces, I think, the idea that these lists won’t all be serious or heavy-duty topics and actually might be fun to read.

I do know that they will cover a wide array of subjects, everything from pop culture to poetry and from movies to music.

I can guarantee they won’t be predictable — and I can almost guarantee that many of you will find something interesting.

And if they work the way I hope, the lists will be interactive, with readers offering their additions, perspectives and disagreements.

Check out the first one here offering “Seven September Songs to Fall For.” I welcome your feedback.

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