Trivia Battle of the MinnPost Brains gender update — 10 men, 4 women, 1 couple and Marty

Two weeks ago, I reported on the gender imbalance in applications for spots on the MinnPost members team for the upcoming Trivia Battle of the MinnPost Brains.

I said we’d heard from 10 men and 3 women.

Since then, three more surveys have come in. One joint response from Carol and Dick (married 44 years), one from Jane, and one from Marty.

So our running total is 10 men, 4 women, 1 couple and Marty.

Martha? Martin? No way to tell.    

We also got two comments from readers.

This one from Beth Gaede: I speak only for myself, but “Trivia Battle …”? Oh, goodie! Another opportunity to compete!

And this one from Mary Ann Dean: Could the paucity of women be linked to the fact that women, on the whole, are paid less than men and there is a $50 charge for this opportunity??

Well, that’s a point.

So if you’re a student or current member of MinnPost who contributes less than $50 a year and wants to try for a spot on the MinnPost members team, just let me know. I’ll gladly make an exception.  

The deadline for submitting a survey response is this coming Saturday, Oct. 24. The questions are here.

The Trivia Battle is part of our 2nd birthday celebration, Sunday, Nov. 8, 2-5 pm, at St. Anthony Main Event Centre. Free to all 2009 MinnPost donors. Others $10.

With all due respect, I repeat: May the best brains win.

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  1. Submitted by John Edwards on 10/21/2009 - 10:09 am.

    I see only that 17 people are in the trivia contest. I am not concerned that there is an gender imbalance.

    Of course I am not a far-left liberal.

    But I do see probable bias here. Are we sure we also have a proper balance of gays and straights; blacks, whites, Hispanics, and Asians; income achievers versus non-achievers.

    Finally,a note to Mary Ann Dean: recent studies show men losing more jobs than women in the recession. Should not men,therefore, have a lower entry fee?

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