MinnPost’s end-of-year wish list campaign

Like many nonprofits, MinnPost has an end-of-year wish list.

Ours has 10 items. Some examples: An annual shave for Eric Black. Warm gloves and a scarf for Sharon Schmickle. A Los Angeles Vikings sweatshirt for Jay Weiner.

MinnPost photo illustration by Corey Anderson

And $30,000 to help us make our 2009 budget — by Tuesday, Dec. 22. (The $18,631 donated on Give to the Max Day gave us a great head start.)

This year has been especially tough for journalism, and we respectfully request an end-of-year gift. Because we need it. Seriously.

MinnPost leads the nation among high-quality regional news sites. We have the largest number of donors, the most readers, and the most advertising revenue. We have the best chance to prove that high-quality regional journalism can be a sustainable enterprise.

We’re not there yet. With your help, we know we’ll get there.

Vote — then donate
Vote here for your favorite wish list item, or add one of your own. Then pitch in with a gift of any size to support high-quality journalism for people who care about Minnesota.  

Thanks for your support.

P.S. We’ll let everyone know how we’re progressing toward the $30,000 goal via a box on our home page. (Because people donate in a variety of ways, the total listed on our Razoo end-of-year page is just a small part of the story.)

You can also learn about all our free newsletter options.

Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Sheila Ehrich on 12/01/2009 - 12:03 pm.

    I must have missed something while I was on vacation earlier this year. Is Jay Weiner working for a paper in LA? Is a book about the recount still in the works for him? And why wasn’t any of his material included in the 2nd Best of issue?

  2. Submitted by Roger Buoen on 12/02/2009 - 10:55 am.

    Sheila, Jay is on leave from MinnPost, finishing up his book on the Coleman-Franken recount. Editors thought his forward-looking article exploring Franken’s future as a senator would interest readers of “The Best of MinnPost” more than his coverage of the day-to-day recount effort. Editors also selected two other terrific articles by Jay — both about stadium issues — for the best-of issue.

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