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Anonymous donations — please do us a favor

When we announced our 20th century membership campaign a week ago, MinnPost had 1924 names on our member-donor list. Our goal was to reach 2000 by the end of June. As of yesterday, we were at 1945.

So 21 new members, making donations of $10 to $100, have been added to our list. We also received three anonymous donations this week — two of $50 and one recurring donation of $10/month, the equivalent of $120. We are grateful to all 24 of you.

We understand why some people make anonymous donations. Some tell us they don’t want to be on any mailing lists. Others — including journalists working elsewhere — say they don’t want their employers to know they support MinnPost.

In the seven months since we started asking people to donate via our GiveMN/Razoo page, we’ve received 82 anonymous donations ranging from $10 to $500. The total amount donated anonymously via Razoo is $3,825.

If you want to donate anonymously, we respect and appreciate that. But please do us a favor when you do.

Send an email to members [at] minnpost [dot] com with your name and Razoo tracking #. We won’t publish your name on any list. But we will be able to count you as a member once we know your name.

Either way, of course, we appreciate the money. Thanks.

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