21st-century membership campaign ends in success

In late May, when we had a total of 1924 member-donors, we started a 20th-century campaign to reach 2000. By mid-June, we’d passed this goal and reached 2010. So we set a new 21st-century goal of 2100 which we passed yesterday. Today’s number: 2102.

Some in-the-weeds details:

  • Since May 20 when we started the 20th-century campaign, we’ve received 272 online donations through GiveMN. This includes both new members and renewals. We’ve also received donations made by check.
  • Of the 272 online donations since May 20, 31 (11%) were anonymous, ranging from $10 to $100. (Almost 9% of all online donations made since we launched our GiveMN page about a year ago have been anonymous, with anonymous amounts ranging from $10 to $1,000. Whoever you are, sincere thanks.)
  • 28 donors have signed up for recurring donations, with 11 donating monthly, 10 quarterly and 7 annually. Recurring donations can be made on the schedule of your choice as long as each donation is at least $10.
  • Our current total — 2102 member-donors — represents less than 5 percent of our roughly 45,000 regular readers. Bottom line: lots of opportunity for growth.

And one big-picture message:

Thanks to everyone for your past, current and future support. We can’t do this without you.

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