MinnPost looking for assistant web editor

UPDATE: This position has been filled.

MinnPost.com is growing, and we need some help from a unique person with efficient content production skills and solid web design skills. We know you are out there. Besides having the necessary skills, you have a zest for the news and publishing environment. We’re more interested in the quality of your experience than the quantity. And we need you to start yesterday.

Assistant Web Editor Skills Requirements

  • You not only have loaded content in content management systems (CMS) before, but you understand how a CMS works — from headlines and bylines, to tagging, to asset management, to embedding video, to laying out tables with data
  • You enjoy making content look really good, because our readers deserve it
  • You can multi-task, working on two or three posts at the same time, and without making mistakes
  • You can efficiently prepare photos and artwork for web publication
  • You know the difference between an “em-dash” and an “en-dash” and you know a little about “Anil Dash”
  • You enjoy working with writers and editors to help conceptualize content with available images, video, etc.
  • You know HTML and CSS because you love what you can make it do
  • You can create mock-ups in Photoshop and you know how to implement designs as HTML and CSS
  • You have experience working with digital maps, charts and other visualization of data
  • You might dabble a little in Adobe Flash, but you are wondering if HTML 5 can be a possible replacement for Flash
  • You are interested in current events and public affairs and you perhaps even curate important articles on your blog

This is a full-time salaried position with benefits. Please send an e-mail as your cover letter and attach your resume and links to your online portfolio to: Karl Pearson-Cater (No phone calls, please! Otherwise I will fire you before I hire you.)

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