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Mini-Roast is history — we’re moving on to MinnRoast

I got an email Tuesday morning with this message: “Tell us about the birthday party!!! Maybe tomorrow? Or did I miss something here?”

Party planners don’t work on a tight deadline like journalists, but here’s the official report:

Almost 200 people attended MinnPost’s 3rd birthday, ranging in age from 2+ to 80+. Three photo galleries with 60 pix for enjoyment and tagging are posted here: Slide Show #1. Slide Show #2. Slide Show #3. Thanks to photographer Jana Freiband for making us look good.

Two videos of Mini-Roast highlights are also posted.

This one has Eric Black, Cyndy Brucato and audience members going back and forth on the meaning of last week’s midterm elections.

And this one has “The MinnPost This Is Not Florida Last Laugh 3rd Anniversary Rap & Rag.” The rap is by Twin Cities composer WEJ, aka Nate Juergens, Macalester College ’11. The Al Franken look-alike moving around in front of the slide show and cackling into the mic is Jay Weiner, Nate’s dad. As the last slide says, anything to sell a few books.

BT (Brian Turner) of Cities 97 and jazz vocalist Christine Rosholt opened the program with “Politics Tonight.” Lee Lynch and Christine wrapped things up leading a group sing of “Happy Birthday to MinnPost.”  

Uncle Al Sicherman, MinnPost humorist-in-residence and emcee for the evening, wrote lyrics for both songs (see below).

On a more serious note, Joel Kramer announced that MinnPost is hoping to break even or run a small surplus in 2010, and willing guests were sent home with bundles of The Best of to distribute in workplaces, coffee shops, gyms, libraries, doctors’ offices or any place that welcomes reading material. If you were not there and can help with the distribution, please email members [at] minnpost [dot] com.

And now, two comments from happy party-goers:

“My favorite part was the election re-hash by Eric Black and Cindy Brucato. And also the cupcakes — I think that was the best strawberry shortcake cupcake I have had in my life.”

“Thank you. The energy was awesome.”

So, thanks for celebrating with us, and we’ll see you all at the next big party — MinnRoast 2011, Friday, April 1, at the Pantages and Seven The Steakhouse. Think Mini-Roast on steroids and save the date.

“Politics Tonight” post-election lyrics by Al Sicherman (to the tune of “Comedy Tonight”)

Some folks elected,
Some folks rejected
Payback for everyone; it’s politics tonight!

GOP shouting,
Democrats pouting
Scorecards for everyone; it’s politics tonight!


Some trends for sure; some still obscure,
And of course there’s some horse manure

No governor winner
Till Christmas dinner
The legislature changes hands, Republicans delight

An Oberstar crackup:
The Range voted Cravaack up
And Michele Bachmann’s back, that wasn’t really tight


What have we seen? What’s it all mean?
Just 15 months till Iowans convene!

Partisans delving
They’re now 2012ing
Let’s hope it all turns out alright . . .

Reality tomorrow . . . . POLITICS TONIGHT!!

“Happy Birthday to MinnPost” lyrics by Al Sicherman (to the tune of “My Blue Heaven”)

When I’m in my car
I get MPR
The rest of the day, it’s MinnPost

With latte or chai
if a screen is nearby
I call up my news from MinnPost


You’ll find your politics,
your Doug Grow fix, your daily Glean
Smart folks agree that MinnPost is a news machine

Reporting that’s bright,
and writing that’s tight
I get that in news from MinnPost

Raise a glass of Chablis
‘cuz MinnPost is three,
We’re so happy with news from MinnPost


These folks have got the knack,
they never slack
They tell it right,
With Brau and Black, and Berg on track — good news tonight!

Raise a glass of Chablis
‘cuz MinnPost is three,
Happy birthday to news from MinnPost!

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