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End-of-year lists! (And limited new material on site Dec. 24 through Jan. 2)

As the MinnPost staff prepares to spend the next 10 days with our families and friends, we’re also preparing end-of-year lists for readers to enjoy while we’re gone. They’ll cover everything from Britt Robson’s top 77 2010 CDs to Doug Grow’s “Un-Magnificent Seven” of Minnesota politics for 2011.

While we’ll be featuring limited new material on the site from Dec. 24 through Jan. 2, be sure to look for the following 2010 faves and look-aheads to 2011:

  • The 77 best albums I heard (thus far) in 2010, by Britt Robson, Dec. 24
  • Five unforgettable 2010 dance performances, by Camille LeFevre, Dec. 25
  • Political ‘resurrections’ may prove too big a task for 2011’s ‘Un-Magnificent Seven,’ by Doug Grow, Dec. 27
  • Year in film: My Top 10 in 2010, by Rob Nelson, Dec. 28

  • 13 Minnesota books you really ought to read, by Amy Goetzman, Dec. 29
  • From King Tut to talent shows to Taylor Swift, plenty of big events are in the works for 2011, by Joe Kimball, Dec. 30
  • 11 jazz picks for the first 11 weeks of 2011, by Pamela Espeland, Dec. 31
  • Top 10 dates to circle on the political calendar, 112th Session edition, by Derek Wallbank, Jan. 1

Happy holidays! And to all of you MinnPost commenters, feel free to keep the comments flowing — but know that we may not be able to get them on the site as quickly as usual. (We encourage you all to spend time with your family and friends, too!)

Susan Albright is a MinnPost co-managing editor.

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  1. Submitted by Sheila Ehrich on 12/28/2010 - 02:02 pm.

    In this end-of-the-year list, you list an article by Amy Goetzman titled “13 Minnesota books you really ought to read”. Where would I find that article??? I’ve been to the Book Club Club section, I’ve used your search engine to find ‘Amy Goetzman’ and ’13 Minnesota books’ and am turning up zilch.

    Any assistance would be appreciated

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