MinnPost readership showing steady growth

Readers are voting for MinnPost.com with their mouse clicks.

Our site received 493,000 visits in November, according to Google Analytics, an increase of 26% over last November.

Of course, this November featured much more exciting elections than 2009, which surely helped our results. 

But there’s a trend here. November was the fifth straight month in which visits to MinnPost.com showed a double-digit percentage increase over the same month a year ago.   We’ve seen a similar pattern of growth in total page views as well.

Another useful number is total people visiting the site more than once a month.  I calculate that number on quantcast.com, multiplying the total people visiting the site in the past month by the percentage that Quantcast says visit more than once a month.  The number has tended this past year to bounce around 45,000, plus or minus, but currently it exceeds 50,000.  

So, thanks to all of you for reading MinnPost and coming back often.   (And double thanks if you also are one of our 2,200+ donors.  If not, it’s never too late.)

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