New MinnPost blog, View Finder, focuses on what’s visually captivating

MinnPost introduces a new feature today that will mainly use images – with a few words – to tell the story.

We’re calling the photo-driven blog “View Finder” and it will be produced by Steve Date, a familiar name to MinnPost readers. For several years Steve has been shooting videos for MinnPost about a variety of topics and people. His latest video stories explore the lives of young people growing up in Greater Minnesota.

But readers may not be aware that Steve is also a skilled photographer. (That’s not all: He’s also  a 5th-grade teacher at Andersen School in Minneapolis.)

MinnPost plans to take advantage of Steve’s photo talents to show us some of  the visually interesting things going on around us.

Beginning today, each week Steve will put up a collection of photos that display what’s interesting, important or quirky in the Twin Cities and around the state.

His goal is to remind us to pause and take notice.

“As a sometimes inattentive and forgetful person, I take pictures to make myself stop and notice — ordinary things as well as the extraordinary — and preserve that moment,” Steve says.  “My hope for this blog is to use my camera to share some of these things that I find interesting.” 

Steve’s first installment of View Finder features photos from a visit to the Monarch Festival in Minneapolis last weekend. Check it out here.

Roger Buoen is MinnPost co-managing editor.

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  1. Submitted by Karen Landeen on 09/15/2011 - 10:41 am.

    These are beautiful photos! What a wonderful way to capture nature and culture on a gorgeous summer day. I will seek out this festival next year! Thank You!!

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