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Meet our sustaining members and become one yourself

By the end of our first sustaining membership drive this past June, MinnPost had 453 sustainers. Today begins our fall membership campaign and our goal is that by October 20, we will have 700 sustainers. To have some fun with this over the next ten days, we will showcase the responses to a survey we conducted of our sustaining members. We hope they will inspire you to become a sustainer yourself.

Sustainers are donors who commit to donating monthly or annually, until they cancel or modify their commitment. Sustainers at all levels are critically important to MinnPost’s future, because they provide a dependable, ongoing source of funding while reducing administrative costs. That makes every contribution a full investment in the unique and outstanding reporting and analysis you expect from MinnPost. In our first campaign, gifts ranged from $5 per month to $100 per month; the most common gift was $10 monthly. You can also give annually. All donations to MinnPost are fully tax-deductible.

In addition, the Pohlad Family Foundation recently awarded MinnPost a $10,000 challenge grant to match contributions from new donors and increased giving by current donors. So if you haven’t donated before and are thinking about it — or if you’re able to give more than you gave last year — now’s a great time because you can help us earn that match, whether you make a one-time gift or — even better — become a sustaining member.

If you value the high quality journalism we provide for people who care about Minnesota, please consider becoming a sustainer today by clicking here.

When you donate, we encourage you to include a comment on why you support MinnPost. We will publish some of them at the end of this campaign.

Many thanks for your consideration.

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