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Liz Fedor joins MinnPost

With the new year MinnPost is making some changes to enhance our news and business coverage.

First, business: We are delighted to announce that Liz Fedor, an experienced journalist who has covered Minnesota business and politics for years, will be joining MinnPost. Beginning Thursday, Liz will report and write a weekly post that will examine the intersection between business and government, policy and politics.

Liz Fedor
MinnPost illustration by Hugh Bennewitz
Liz Fedor

It's a subject Liz knows well. While at the Star Tribune, she reported on the airline industry and manufacturing sector and oversaw the newspaper's coverage of agriculture, consumer issues and the housing market. Before that she was the Grand Forks Herald's editorial page editor and covered Minnesota politics for the Herald. She has also been a columnist and radio show co-host. Liz currently works for a Twin Cities foundation.

And we are making other changes in our business coverage. We are dropping the short news items of Business Agenda and MedCity News, but we will continue to do occasional in-depth business stories by such well-sourced and informed journalists as Dave Beal and Brad Allen.

In the area of general news, we are pleased to announce that Beth Hawkins will be expanding her duties at MinnPost as a full-time staff writer. MinnPost readers are familiar with Beth's work. She recently wrote for us a compelling account of the bullying of gay and lesbian children in the Anoka-Hennepin schools.

Beth has also reported for other publications and news organizations — including More, Mother Jones and Bloomberg news — and has been writing our Learning Curve feature that focuses on the world of education. She will continue to write Learning Curve, but will be expanding to other topic areas, doing articles that provide insight and analysis of day-to-day developments in the news.

Roger Buoen is MinnPost co-managing editor.

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