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Max is moving on, but new arts features are coming

Look for regular arts features by Pamela Espeland and Andy Sturdevant, beginning Jan. 19.

As Max Sparber notes in “Adieu from Max” today, this marks the end of MinnPost’s Max About Town feature. We will miss Max’s take on Twin Cities arts and culture, from quirky arts history and properly made cocktails to the latest doings at the Walker. But he is off to warmer climes and an obviously vibrant arts scene in L.A., so we have made new plans we’d like to share.

Beginning Jan. 19, Pamela Espeland will broaden her writing for MinnPost, launching a newsy, twice-weekly arts column that will focus on arts institutions, personalities, performances, money and arts politics. It will  encompass all manner of arts – theater, museums, music, film, festivals, dance, puppets, touring shows – you name it.

Pamela has been our jazz specialist since MinnPost’s launch. But since then she has branched out, writing for us about dance, theater, music, arts personalities and more. We are excited about this new column, which will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.

On Wednesdays we’ll feature a new writer to MinnPost: Andy Sturdevant, who has crafted a column called “The Stroll.” In it he’ll describe interesting, newsworthy or otherwise notable visual art-related objects or events around the Twin Cities, with each piece focused on one geographic area — a part of town, a neighborhood, or even a few blocks within a neighborhood.

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He’ll draw readers’ attention not only to traditional works of visual art contained within this geographic area, but also to craft, architecture, design, street art, public art, advertising, fashion, or furniture design — anything a person could walk by and have a look at. Each column will include a hand-drawn map.

Not long ago, Andy was the subject of a Max About Town piece. He is a painter and arts journalist who also works at Springboard Arts, writes beautifully — and really gets around the arts scene. He hosts the “Salon Saloon” at Bryant-Lake Bowl, an event Max described as “an eclectic, themed night in which Sturdevant brings a series of guests onto the BLB stage either to interview them or to have them present something. … you can never be certain what will be on the bill at ‘Salon Saloon,’ except that it will be unexpected and fascinating.”

We expect “The Stroll” to be likewise unexpected and fascinating. Look for it on Wednesdays, beginning Jan. 25.

And, of course, we will continue to publish the work of our current arts writers, including Jim Walsh, Michael Anthony, Britt Robson — even Max, on occasion, as he promises to pen the now-and-then post from our new “Hollywood Bureau.”