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The new MinnPost

MinnPost before and after

Welcome to MinnPost's new website. We're excited to share it and to hear what our readers think.

A few of the new features we are particularly excited about:

  • Articles now have related stories and "More Like This" to help you find stories that interest you
  • You can visit section pages, like Politics & Policy, to see more from our most popular topics. You can also subscribe to these sections.
  • It's easier than ever to find stories from your favorite authors — just click on their name to see their bio page and a list of all articles they've written
  • You'll find department pages, like our Data & Maps hub, and topic pages, like our collection of articles about the marriage amendment
  • Quickly find your favorite department on our Columns page
  • The site is built to be responsive, which means it will adjust to your tablets and mobile devices for easier reading and navigation.

We're still working on a number of features that we'll be rolling out over the next few months, including breadcrumbs, which will tell you where you are and how you got there; a "most viewed" module; expanded commenting options; and more. That's one of the great things about being on an open source system — the progress never stops. You may also notice that comments from the last two weeks have not been migrated to the new site yet; it's on our to-do list. 

Of course none of this would have been possible without the hard work of many dedicated people. The MinnPost team has been working tirelessly over the last few weeks to get everything ready. The beautiful new logo is thanks to web editor/creative director Corey Anderson. Drew, Lynn, Ronan, Denise, Erika and the rest of the team at Gorton Studios built, designed, tested and launched the site. They have donated many hours to the cause beyond what we paid for, and we are thrilled to have them as a partner. The crew at Clockwork — with special thanks to Meghan and Whitney — has helped get us through the transition with ease. They have been a wonderful partner to us over the past four years, and we can't overstate how deeply thankful we are for Clockwork's role in our success.

We're also grateful for the support of our members and donors. Without you, none of this would be possible. If you'd like to help us fund continued development and innovation, please support our mission by becoming a sustaining member.

Click around, explore and let us know what you think by leaving a comment or emailing

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Comments (59)

Don't Forget About Kaeti!

It's been great working with you and the whole MinnPost team; this has been an enjoyable project with -- and for -- a great group of people and a great organization. You should be proud of your huge role in making it all come together.
Great job!


I'm so pleased with this new design. Very readable, incredibly compatible, and I LOVE how it handles various browser widths, especially at smaller sizes. So smart.


This seems much more functional than the old site. I presume that the last few weeks of comments will eventually show up?

We're working on importing

We're working on importing those two weeks worth of comments. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice responsive layout.

This is the way the modern web should work. Thank you.


Hi Kaeti and Minnpost Crew-
The new site is terrific--easy to read and navigate. Love the clean story template. Already finding more stuff to read a good sign that things are in place.

I know how hard a major redesign is, so hats off to you!


Comments in reverse chronological order

Not sure I like the comments in reverse chronological order. It's harder to follow discussions that way. (Although I do see that this new format has the option to reply specifically to previous comments.)

What do other folks think about the reverse chronological order of comments? (i.e. newest comments first).

I agree you should be able to

I agree you should be able to adjust what order you view the comments in. I prefer oldest first.

I agree

Comments should be from oldest to newest.

I agree

Start with the oldest and let us scroll down to the newer comments.

Preferred order of comments

I much prefer to have the oldest comment first. If they're in reverse chronological order you have to read from the bottom up in order not to be reading replies to comments you haven't yet read.

See, as an example, the comments section to articles at They are in chronological order, oldest first. Your reply to any previous comment (or any reply to a previous reply) follows the item you replied to.


so far, so good. I need to use the site more to give you better feedback, but it looks like you are doing good things.

great redesign

Much easier for me to navigate.
A great site; now even better

New look for MinnPost

Not bad. The ability to add a photo or image to commentors profiles is a plus.


I was wondering what was taking so long in getting my comment on the tread, then remembered the reverse chronological order (slaps forhead).

newest first

I prefer the layout that has a "headline" area that has all of the newest items at the top, preferably fitting into one screen. After that a directory of specific subject realms that has the most recent subject shown.

Good to see the improvement.

Great website redesign – I love that it's a responsive design. I'm a little disappointed that the RSS feeds (at least the Glean feed I subscribe to) are no longer full text, but I understand you want to draw traffic to the site, and at least now the full site is very readable on a mobile device.

Full text RSS

The RSS feeds will be full text -- that's just a glitch we're working out today. Thanks!

Even better!

Even better!


It's not bad. Your right column dwarfs and almost obscures by its size, the reason I come to Minnpost which is the columnists. They deserve a larger presence on the home page.

Kaeti: I didn't recruit Pat, promise! ;)

I'm fine with the columnists slot, by the way ...

New Design

Great job. This is a terrific improvement.

Display Number of Comments

I would like to see the number of comments associated with an article. The NYTimes does this. I would find it useful just to see if there has been any comments since I last checked.

missing comment indicator

I'm not crazy about the new design; I'll get used to it. But I'm disappointed that it doesn't include a way to see how many comments there are on a given article without going to the bottom of the article. MinnPost has intelligent comments--requiring registration and real names helps--that are frequently as interesting to read as the articles themselves. I sometimes come back to an article I've read more than once, because I want to see if there are comments, or additional comments. It would be great to be able to see that without having to open the article once again and then scroll to the bottom--only to discover that there are no comments, or no new comments.

rss feed

The only thing I miss is the full text in the RSS feed. Now when I see new blog posts in my Google Reader, it only shows the description. Thanks!

Working on it, Matt. It'll be

Working on it, Matt. It'll be full RSS feeds soon!


Cool! We can have a profile photo.

Yes, but...

Where do they show up? I have least I put one in my profile...but it doesn't show up in my posts.

To see a photo, click on your name

You also get to check out a history of the commenter's comments.

Comment on comments

As many others have commented, the Comments section is one of the best around, but I really dislike having the comments divided up over multiple pages. Perhaps you could expand the number of comments per page. The dialogue that develops over the course of a number of comments is a major attraction of MinnPost for me, and to click around is clunkier than merely scrolling back up the list.

How about an anchor link?

When you click to the next page of comments, it should take you back down to the comments section of the page. That way it's just a click and no extra scrolling.

Yes, but...

...what I miss in not having the comments in order submitted is that we don't see how the conversation develops, and then dividing it up over pages it loses the flow of a conversation. Now things are isolated by Comment-Reply, and if someone is replying to someone and doesn't hit "Reply", then you may have to jump around pages to look for what is going on (where the previous system of saying "@ #3", while paleolithic in terms of tech, was much better for discourse, to my eyes at least). Some websites give readers the option of flat view (in order of submission, oldest first) versus threaded--perhaps that kind of choice could be developed here.

Comment width

On my screen, at least, down where the comments are, there is nothing to the right of them except white screen. So maybe it would be possible to make comments span the full screen width, and that way you'd get more text (i.e. more comments) per page.

I also like the idea that when you click "Next" for multiple pages of comments, that you get taken right to the next comment in line rather than having to scroll down to it (particularly annoying with so few comments appearing on any one page).

Nice site!

Have just started exploring the new design. It's nice and clean and makes it easier to find columnists. I agree that the comments should be listed with the oldest first.
I look forward to reading the news every day from this redesigned format. Congrats.


I have referred others to articles on your site previously, but always had to give an apologetic disclaimer as to the busy layout of the home page. This is a HUGE improvement and way overdue. Thank you.


It looks great - don't hate but the previous one looked like a high school or college paper - This has got some professional sheen-

Well done

The update comes off as both clean and bold. Responsive design, particularly for a busy news site, can be quite a challenge. Hats off to Kaeti and her teams.


The new site looks great. There are a couple things I'd like to see:

An option to reverse the order of the comments and/or change the number of comments per page. I like to read oldest to newest, and it's a little ackward to change pages and then read bottom up.

I really liked the sidebar on the Daily Glean page that linked to older Daily Glean articles. They usually have my favorite comments, so I tend to go back to the page a second time.

The gray outlines around the different tiles aren't providing a lot of contrast on my monitor - a little darker would be a lot easier to see. I'm also getting two RSS streams right now - I think the original one from before the last redesign turned back on (with full text stories). I can't tell why since reader seems to be pointing at the same link.

Agreed: comments are in backwards order

Second this. Reading newest to oldest is backwards, especially since commenting on this site tends to be conversational in nature.


I like the clean design. Also, it works well on my desktop and my iPad. Thanks.

Congrats, team!!!!

Love the redesign. Great work. And it's only the beginning, right?

Please change the sketches of columnists

The "head shots" of columnists were never attractive and should not have been held over; everything else about the appearance of the site is so much improved that they stick out worse than ever. Perhaps you could use some interestingly altered photos instead; you could have two or three for each and vary them.

Also - I have no use for a "most viewed" feature, at this or any other site. I can make my own decisions about what's interesting.

iOS Rotation Bug

I would highly recommend implementing a small javascript (see below) to fix the iOS orientation change zoom bug. To see what I'm talking about, view the site on an iPhone in portrait mode, then rotate to landscape.

Here's the script (by @scottjehl):

Congrats on the new site and for tackling the challenge of going responsive!

Nice new look

Nice new look. I really appreciate the fact web addresses in comments will automatically become links.

New look is great!

I enjoy the new look, on both desktop and tablet. One enhancement would be to add a "top of page" button at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

the redo

It's ugly! It's too cluttered. Mainly it looks like a combo of the Star Trib and MPR websites. The busyness makes it hard to find regular features. The bigger type is nice.

Implementing our suggestions

It appears you're now implementing our requests for comments in chronological order and for more comments per page.

Thank you!

And thank you for your

And thank you for your feedback! In the next phase of development, I'm hoping to add an option so readers can toggle the order of the comments (that feature will just take a bit more time to implement).

Linking directly to a comment

In the old format, you could click on a comment's number and get a URL that would take you directly to that comment. That functionality appears to be gone.

Any chance of getting it back?

Okay - I see it now

Clicking on the comment's title will give you the URL to link to it. That works for comments posted since the new site went up.

However, older comments "imported" from before the changeover don't have a way (that I've yet discovered) to do this. As I said previously, you USED to be able to click on the comment number to get the link URL. But those comment numbers are no longer there. So - for the time being at least - it appears there is no way to link directly to "pre-changeover" comments.

Hopefully you'll figure out a way to do so!

A thought

I have another suggestion - I don’t know if it is possible. When a unique visitor returns to the site it would be a timesaver if any new article, or article that received a new comment, appear in bold. That way the reader wouldn’t have to browse through the whole site for new material.

A delightful design change,yes

Really like the clean format with enough white space surrounding... refreshing change; very nice indeed.

"Issues" search

I haven't discovered how to search and view the issues you already sent to me via email from a specific date. When I enter a date, such as 2/14, I get a list of authors to dig into, but that's not what I want. I want a whole issue to browse through again. Or, isn't that possible.

Comments restored?

When do you expect to have restored comments that were posted in the couple of weeks or so before the changeover?

Pat, it is on our list of

Pat, it is on our list of priorities for phase two development. It may take a while since the process involves hand mapping the comments to each story and re-running the import (an expensive endeavor).

As I likely won't be checking comments on this story regularly as it slips into the archives, the best way to get in touch with specific questions is to email Thanks!

Thank you for posting the explanation here

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been wondering about this.

Web page addresses don't turn into links

At least as of the time of my writing this, putting a URL into a comment (as I have done above) is not yet turning it into a link automatically (as the text below this posting box suggests will happen).

Yay! You fixed it!

URLs are links now!

Thank you!

Minnpost Redesign

Viewing Minnpost on my Razr Maxx smartphone is great. Very easy to navigate the site now with the redesign. I would only read The Glean on my Maxx but now I spend more time on Minnpost during my 30 minute lunch break. I need to get out my checkbook and send you some cash. I do not want to be just another freeloader on your website. Great work people. I believe Father Whalen would have loved this site.
Keith Nordeen
College of St. Thomas '77