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Amend the Minnesota Constitution and win Champions Club Twins tickets!

Minnesota Constitution
mncourts.govMinnesota Constitution

Voter ID, the gay-marriage ban, and on and on — the Minnesota Legislature is proposing so many new amendments we’ll need to turn the Constitution over and start writing on the back side.

Here’s your chance to join in the fun. We want to hear your proposed amendment – Beer sold on Sundays? Cats claimed as legal dependents on tax forms? In the comments below, give us one sentence — be it humorous, insightful or both — on your proposed amendment. Wow us with your intellect, skewer us with your rapier wit.

MinnPost will give away a pair of tickets to the Champions Club at Target Field for the Saturday, April 14th game versus the Texas Rangers to one lucky entry. The winner, selected thoughtfully or capriciously (our discretion), will be announced on Wednesday, April 4.

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Comments (28)

Amend the Amendment Process

New procedure for adopting amendments: "Amendments to the Constitution of the State of Minnesota shall be passed by two sessions of the Minnesota Legislature with an intervening election before being presented to voters for adoption." Will require the Legislature to approve an amendment, wait until the next statewide election, and then approve the amendment again before it goes to voters. This would prevent the crazy amount of amendments and prevent a ruling legislative majority from enacting it's political agenda by enshrining its objectives in the constitution. Restores balance of power between the Governor and Legislature.

Clean Campaign Amendment

Just imagine...

"Commencing with the next elections, all paid political advertisements shall be subject to libel laws. Any violation of the Minnesota libel laws shall be punishable by a fine of no less than $100,000 and loss of affidavit of candidacy."

Repeal 4 Words of Article XIV, Sec. 5

"solely for highway purposes"

This one phrase, adopted in a 1956 amendment, has seriously hampered our ability to build a transportation system that works for everyone. This is the prime example of why writing tax distributions into the constitution is a bad idea. It remove all flexibility for later generations to adapt to changing needs.

As an alternative, pass a new amendment that defines "highway purposes" more broadly than the definition used by Mn/DOT and other state authorities.

Dedicated sales tax for sport facilities and public health

A state tax on carbonated drinks shall be made at the wholesale point of sale. The tax shall be at least $0.05 per 12 ounce beverage, with the Legislature and Governor having authority to raise the tax rate as it sees fit. Tax proceeds shall be dedicated to two authorities, the Minnesota professional sports facilities authority and the Minnesota youth & community sports authority. Neither authority shall receive less than 35% of revenues per any biennium. Both authorities shall have their board appointed by citizens as follows upon openings, 3 by the Governor, 1 each from Minnesota House and Senate majority and minority parties. Citizen board members can only by removed for negligence or criminal activity with a majority vote by the Minnesota Senate. Citizens shall serve for no longer than 5 years. The first authority is to manage the development and maintenance of professional sports facilities in Minnesota. The second authority will manage grant programs for community and public school sports facilities and equipment with the primary purpose to maximize public physical activity and health. The Legislature and Governor shall have the authority to establish guidelines and requirements for both authorities.

One sentence (is not nearly enough for some politicians...)

Amendments to this constitution shall be proposed by petition, not by the legislature, and shall be eligible for consideration by the voters upon receiving a number of signatures of legal Minnesota residents of voting age, the number of signatures equal to or exceeding 8% of the number of ballots cast for governor in the previous gubernatorial election, whereupon the amendment shall be placed on the next ballot for the vote held the first Tuesday following November 1 following receipt of the first signature, and shall be passed by an affirmative vote of at least 60% of all ballots cast in that vote.

Citizen referenda on the ballot?

Ala California? Noooooo thank you. It is a hideous mess in Cali, with a deadlocked legislative process, schools, prisons and hospitals overcrowded and underfunded, and ballots that can be 13 pages long.

I'm trying to be open to your idea, but I'm afraid this looks like a nightmare.


California isn't the only state that allows citizens to petition to get amendments on the ballot. In fact, Massachusetts requires only 3% of the gubernatorial vote number to get an amendment on the ballot, and it can hardly be called a hideous mess. Wyoming requires 15%.

I'm not suggesting just any initiative can be brought to the ballot by petition, just constitutional amendments. Otherwise, there would be no point in electing legislators. Since constitutional amendments aren't actual legislation (but the basis for legislation), it seems like a good idea to raise the bar...and take it out of the hands of legislators with political agendas.

Not Funny

I thought this was supposed to be a funny post!
All the GOP amendments, plus the smoking amendment here proposed take away people's rights--really? Is that the purpose of a Constitution? To limit individual freedoms?

How about:
Convicted felons must have the appropriate photo ID to purchase caffeinated (?) coffee.

An official census of all reptiles, including those kept as pets, will be conducted every 10 years.

OK, these aren't that funny either........................

I tried

Being funny wasn't a requirement. But I did try to at least make a joke in my title about the single sentence requirement and how some politicians need more than one (jail) sentence. I guess if I have to explain it, it's not funny. ;)

Reward parents and students for investing in Minnesota's future

"Upon receipt of acceptance, enrollment or enlistment - BOTH the parents AND young adult receive tax rebates or other incentives for participating in qualified post high school service or education in the state of Minnesota, such as university, community college, trade school, civic government, civic service, peace corps, community volunteer, national guard, armed forces, and other qualified programs that help our state remain one of the highest educated workforces in the nation."

Not really funny, but... keeps our best and brightest in the state working to achieve big things.

Start with the Preamble

Replace "God" with "Flying Spaghetti Monster."

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

All persons are equal before the law; corporations are not people; and all property shall be taxed at the same rate, regardless of use or religious affiliation.


A party that successfully secures a constitutional amendment onto the ballot shall:-

(1) Have one of their members permanently barred from political office
(2) Said member shall be selected by the minority party
(3) With a flip of the coin, the Governor shall decide whether the barred member comes from the House of the Senate
(4) Disbarment is immediate.

Minnesota Nice Amendment

All residents, natural or otherwise, shall respectfully excuse themselves and/or apologize to any other resident for each and any personal interaction regardless of content or fault, eye contact is not required.

Twilight Amendment

Claiming to be on Team Edward or Team Jacob without irony should be a misdemeanor.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment


Proposed Constitutional Amendment

All Elected Officials must pass a basic math skills test and also prove that they can balance a checkbook.

Basic Skills Test required for holding office

All persons who are elected to hold office on a state level in Minnesota shall now be required to pass the same basic skills exam now being required to be passed by teachers prior to being able to undertake the duties of the office.

Opening Day

Easy one here (and blatantly pandering): Twins Home Opener is declared a state holiday, which also includes a one day suspension of the state's alcohol tax!

Ban amendments

Pass an amendment to ban future amendments. The only way to change it is to start over.

The "get out of my way" amendment...

I would pass an amendment that would equip every car in Minnesota with a small electronic sign on the grill that when lit up would say "I'm in a hurry!" for 15 seconds when a button is pressed (limit 10 per month), and once it's lit up the person in front of you (as soon as possible) would be required change lanes or pull over on the shoulder for you to move past. :)


All CEO's will be required to take a salary percentage decrease equal to the percentage of workforce reduction for any layoff.

I think it's time the CEO's be more creative in how they try to increase company profits. We all know reducing workforce is a short sighted fix.

How about something simple

How about something simple like "Equal Rights for All"?

Be it hereby resolved

All candidates for elected office in Minnesota MUST pass the same test that prospective teachers must pass before they can serve in public office; if elected, failure to pass the test before the term begins will lead to a forfeiture of filing fees and an ineligibility to run again for four years! A new election for said seat must be held within 60 days amongst qualified candidates who have already passed THE test.


Any and all campaigning for public office in Minnesota shall be limited to the 60 calendar days prior to the scheduled election!

Campaigning limits

Campaigning for statewide office shall commence with the opening of the Minnesota state fair. Any campaign signs put out before the fair begins will incur a fine of $50 per sign. The total of said fine shall also be paid to the opponent(S) for legal use in their campaigns. Any internet, radio, tv, social media, newspaper, magazine or other ads aired before the MInnesota state fair shall incur fines equal to the price paid to purchase each of the ad(s). The candidate shall also pay fines of an equal amount to their opponent(S) for the purchase of legal advertising. Out of state contributions to statewide campaigns are expressly forbidden.

Civil Rights

The Legislature shall not consider, approve or introduce for referendum any amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that discriminates against or fails to recognize the civil rights of any individual based on race, gender, sexual preference, religion or disability.


In order to be a confirmed citizen of Minnesota, all Minnesotan's must present a favorite hotdish recipe on demand.

The Wild East

"Minnesota law shall automatically conform with the most fun elements of Wisconsin liquor and fireworks laws."