2012 MinnPost Tech Appeal: 70 percent of the way

2012 MinnPost Tech Appeal: 70% of the way

Thanks to 126 generous MinnRoast attendees, we’re already more than 70% of the way to the $25,000 Tech Appeal goal.

Equally important, donations are starting to come in from people who were not at MinnRoast.

For those who weren’t at MinnRoast, Don Shelby and Roxane Battle presented the 2012 Tech Appeal on behalf of MinnPost. The goal of this campaign is $25,000 to help MinnPost continue to invest in technology, enhancing our new open source platform as technology changes. 

We want to support more data-driven, interactive projects, like our recent map and chart about the political leanings of the new legislative districts; create better commenting features to support a higher level of discourse on the site; and add more server space so the site can continue to load lightning fast, as traffic grows. 

With your help, we can reach the $25,000 goal in the next few days. Please make a donation in the amount of your choice. All contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated. 

Tech Appeal donations can be made online here

Or you can mail a check payable to MinnPost Tech Appeal to our office at 900 Sixth Avenue SE, #220, Minneapolis 55414.

Just $7,174 to go. We’re counting on you!

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