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MinnPost announces tiered benefits for members

MinnPost Tiered MembershipWe've learned a few things in the almost five years since MinnPost launched.
One of the most important: that donations from individuals, together with proceeds from events, are critical to our sustainability. These categories now account for more than half of MinnPost's revenues.
To express appreciation to our supporters at various levels, MinnPost will offer tiered benefits starting this month. The box below summarizes the tiers.
Membership donations are fully tax-deductible. If you have any questions about the benefits, or want to upgrade to a higher tier, please contact membership coordinator Ashleigh Swenson at (612) 455-6954 or aswenson (at) minnpost (dot) com.
Thank you for your support!

TierMinimum donation level in last 12 monthsBenefits
Tier One$50Access to monthly online chats with MinnPost journalists starting in October
Tier Two$10/month or $120/yearAbove plus discounts on many MinnPost ticketed events
Tier Three$25/month or $300/yearAbove plus invitations to receptions with MinnPost writers and visiting journalists
Tier Four$50/month or $600/yearAbove plus invitations to unique MinnPost experiences to be announced

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Comments (7)

Thanks for no paywalls

I was a little worried when I saw your Tweet.

what I would like to see..

Is a monthly column where you interview one of the regular posters (of course not me no no no). Often the comments are as interesting as the articles they are posted to. I would love to see a face and some background on some of us. Just a thought and this seemed like a good place to put it.

This is...

...a very interesting idea, Bill. One perhaps worth exploring. But would any regular commenters be willing to step into the limelight?

I think it is worth asking

I think some of us would relish the spot light. I think some personal exposure would help many of us temper our comments. Would help put isolated comments into a context of personal philosophy. Right now when I click on your name I go to a page of your recent comments (all one of them about me, thanks for your interest :)). Wouldn't it be neat if when you made that link you might also have the opportunity to see a personal profile or interview.

As a...

...part-time moderator, I can certainly attest to the "flair for the dramatic" the group at large exhibits and I would hope we might find some takers. I know it's been attempted in the past, but might be worth another shot.

What say you, fair commenters?

Ashleigh Swenson
MinnPost Membership and Events Coordinator


I'd like to read more about some of the posters.

Here is what some other media profiles say about me