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MinnPost malware issue resolved

Warnings that may have appeared earlier in the day have been resolved; the site is safe to visit.

Earlier in the day, you may have received a warning screen when you attempted to visit MinnPost was one of a number of sites targeted in an attack that added a small snippet of malware to our site. We caught it and deleted it quickly, before it could do any damage. No user information was compromised.

Because Google detected the malware and flagged our site, we were placed on its blacklist — this is why you may see the warnings when you search for MinnPost or navigate to the site.

Google has now removed MinnPost domains from the malware blacklist. If you are still encountering the warning screens, try clearing your browser cache and deleting your cookies. It may take some time for all the appropriate parties to have updated information and stop flagging the site as dangerous, but it is safe to visit.

Unfortunately, this sort of attack is extremely common. Bots and hackers troll the web, looking for opportunities to place malicious code. We took care of the issue immediately and addressed the vulnerability that was targeted, but not before Google noticed and started alerting users.

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