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MinnRoast 2013 invitations are in the mail

MinnRoast 2013 invite illustration
MinnPost illustration by Hugh Bennewitz

MinnRoast 2013 invitations went to the post office last week, addressed to 3,807 generous households in MinnPost's donor database.

MinnPost illustrator Hugh Bennewitz and web editor Corey Anderson collaborated on this year's drawing, shown here.

If you're a MinnPost donor and haven't received your snail-mail invite yet, it should be arriving soon.

Can't wait? Or not yet on our donor list? Go here for event details, and buy your tickets here. 

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Comments (1)


Surely that's the wrong term. "Solicitations" maybe. An invitation is something like "Come to dinner at my place on Thursday." If I say "come to my place for dinner and bring $200 for me" that's not an invitation, it's salesmanship, and not very good salesmanship at that.