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MinnRoast 2013 slide show #4

MinnPost photo by Jana Freiband
MinnPost journalist Al Sicherman and membership coordinator Ashleigh Swenson

More backstage pictures and performance photos featuring the Guthrie’s Joe Dowling, Amy Koch, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Mayor R.T. Rybak’s mom, Lorraine Mesken. Thanks to Jana Freiband for capturing these images.

Music director Todd Price at the ready — let the show begin!

Guthrie Theater Director Joe Dowling performing a soliloquy on taxes

DeAnne Sherman, Brian Turner, Debby Thomas and Warren Kapsner in a Red State of mind

Debbie Irestone, Joel Kramer, Ashleigh Swenson and Joe Kimball feeling blue

Michelle Hutchison showing off her Purple Pride to bartender Joe Kimball

Former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch tries to help the current legislative leadership with her Wheel of Taxes

No joke: Sen. Al Franken hates headlines about himself that start like that!

Lee Lynch, Joe Kimball, B.T. and Al Sicherman want more dough for their losing franchises

Photo by Julie ThorleifsonMaddie Lunzer as a Lynx player shows the boys what a real Minnesota sports champion looks like

Duluth Mayor Don Ness and St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman conspire to reconfigure their respective Twin Cities

Joe Schmit battles for a “normal” interview about sports from out-spoken punter Chris Kluwe

Sen. Amy Klobuchar poking fun at MinnPost’s earnest and wonky headlines

Ashleigh Swenson, Debbie Irestone and Debby Thomas being not so Minnesota Nice

Gov. Mark Dayton poking fun at himself (and MinnPost’s Doug Grow)

The Otisco String Band rises to the challenge of replacing the Minnesota Orchestra musicians

Cyndy Brucato and Tom Horner squeeze some laughs out of the current musician lock-outs

Suzu Thompson, Al Sicherman and Ashleigh croon “Hey, Dude” to Obama chief of staff and Stillwater son Denis “Dude” McDonough

MinnRoast finally lives up to its name as Lorraine Mesken roasts her son, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak

Photo by Kaeti HinckMayoral candidate Mark Andrew is among the throng chatting outside the Pantages after the show

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  1. Submitted by Elizabeth Erickson on 05/01/2013 - 01:37 pm.

    Chris Kluwe is a class act

    Imagine! A sports figure who cares about something besides sports. How refreshing. Now, today I read that the Vikings are poised to fire Chris Kluwe and since he is at the top of his game, we have to assume it has something to do with his social justice work. The NFL has been pathetically quiet regarding issues such as domestic abuse and assaults by its players. How is it that Zigi and his little club are all up in arms about Chris Kluwe’s personal decision to take a stand. I bet they wouldn’t be upset if he were speaking out for the other side.

    If the Vikings go through with this moronic act of discrimination, they are going to unleash the inner Viking in all kinds of people besides those who regularly attend games. It’s not like they have a lot of wriggle room. Zigi, you have loyal fans that have stood beside you for years and most of them don’t care what Chris Kluwe talks about. They care about his foot. Don’t piss them off. The gay community, which is roughly 10 percent of the entire population, absolutely loves Chris and will not stand by quietly. And last, the die hard patrons of the Minnesota Orchestra, who have been dealing with rich, over reaching, narrow-minded twits, bent on destruction for over 8 months, who so greatly appreciate Chris’ support, will be in there fighting for him too. The Vikings want the state to happily cough up money for their stadium? Well, no one should get a penny of taxpayer’s money if this kind of unethical behavior is what we can expect in the future.

  2. Submitted by Kim Munholland on 05/01/2013 - 10:41 pm.


    If the Vikings fire Chris Kluwe for his opinions, it will come close to topping the MOA’s lockout of Minnesota Orchestra musicians, its conductor and its ticket buying fans, as the gaffe of the season.

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