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New mental health and addiction beat: $1,745 raised so far

Thursday afternoon, Aug. 22, update: 27 people have signed on so far to fund MinnPost’s new beat on mental health and addiction issues.

With donations ranging from $10 to $250, the current total raised is $1,745.

That’s encouraging for our first 30 hours, but we still have a long way to go to get to our goal: $10,000 goal in 10 days. The campaign ends Friday, August 30.

Please help MinnPost shine a light on the challenges of mental illness and addiction.

In the words of Don Shelby, these challenges “should be a secret no more.”


The comments below are shared with permission.

My 19 year old son, Sam, died of an accidental opiate overdose in 2007. He lived with addiction, depression, and anxiety. Until we get over the stigma of these illnesses, people will continue to lose their lives, not getting the help that they so desperately need. Kudos to MinnPost!!! 

Linda Peterson, Saint Paul, in memory of Samuel John Peterson

Finally! THANK YOU so very much!! Thanks to Don Shelby, as well, for being on the front line for marketing this very important campaign. I’ve always admired his openness about his own struggle with Addiction. Along with so many others, author, David Sheff will be so very glad to learn about MinnPost’s campaign.
Glenda Noble, Waconia, in honor of grandson, Jacob, and all those family members who have come before him

The stigma attached to mental illness/substance abuse affects more than just the person. It has affected how we, as parents, hid his problems from family and friends. Shamefully, often, we didn’t admit we had a son to protect ourselves from others’ condemnation of us as “bad parents.”
Former Minnesotan now living in Colorado Springs


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