Earth Journal appeal goes way over the top

Donate today!Today we only have good news to report. 

The Earth Journal campaign to raise $7K in 7 days has brought in $9,014. Thank you to everyone who responded. We appreciate your contributions and your thoughtful comments, which we’ve been reprinting in this space during the campaign.

Special thanks to Nancy Gibson and Ron Sternal who came this past Monday evening to the Earth Journal Circle-sponsored panel discussion of the environmental risks and regulatory challenges presented by copper/nickel mining in the north woods. Nancy and Ron decided to become Earth Journal Circle Founders, joining the other very generous supporters listed on our site.  

We’ll wrap up the campaign with this comment from Donna Koren and Bob Milton of West Saint Paul, received after our last round-up: “I attended a community meeting last night on Minnesota’s disappearing pollinators (bees, butterflies, etc.), hosted by Rep. Rick Hansen. These pollinators are the ‘prairie canaries,’ and they’re dying, which does not bode well for our species. If this column can highlight issues and events like this, all to the good.”

Contributions to Earth Journal are still welcome here. Any time. Any amount.

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    Good job


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