Earth Journal campaign reaches halfway mark, thanks to thoughtful supporters

Support Earth Journal today!Earth Journal donations continued to come in over the weekend, from Minnesotans eager to sustain Ron Meador’s thought-provoking journalism about the environment, energy and related matters.

We haven’t had a chance yet to update the total, but we’re about halfway to the $7K-in-7-days goal. The campaign runs til Thursday, Feb. 13.

Comments enclosed with recent donations are listed below. We can’t say it any better than our contributors do:

  • Nordis Heyerdahl, St. Louis Park: “What could be more important than stories that raise the public’s awareness of climate change, the dangers of continuing our fossil fuel consumption, depletion of the earth’s precious natural resources, and extinction of our sister and brother species on this beautiful mother earth–our pachamama.”
  • Colles and John Larkin, Dellwood: “Thanks to MinnPost and a few other papers/journalists, we are all beginning to understand the need for reorienting our thinking about a sustainable environment; no healthy environment = diminished life. …’The Sixth Extinction’ ? !”
  • Scott Peterson, Mahtomedi: “I want to support Ron’s reporting on climate change. People need to be better informed and motivated to action. MinnPost does it better than most.”
  • David Washburn, Stillwater: “We just can’t have too much quality environmental journalism. Our lives depend on making intelligent decisions on our shared environment. We need Earth Journal to help us understand the issues.”
  • Mimi Jennings, St. Paul: “Already a sustaining MinnPost member, this is all I can add. I’m an activist. I need even-handed, unbiased, factual Earth news. I get it here.”
  • Holly Dowds, Minneapolis: “CRITICAL area of news, now more than ever. Thank YOU.”

Please help us get way past the halfway mark today. Donate here.

Help sustain environmental coverage on MinnPost with your donation today

Note to procrastinators: We can accept a few more advance reservations for MinnPost’s Earth Journal event tonight — Monday, Feb. 10 — at Hell’s Kitchen. Walk-ins are strongly discouraged. Ron Meador, Rebecca Rom and Scott Strand will lead a substantive discussion of environmental risks and regulatory challenges presented by proposals to mine and process metals from sulfide ores. Click here for details and tickets. 

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