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Just two days left to reach $7K in 7 days

Donate today!Here’s the bad news: As of Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 11, we are still more than $2,000 short of reaching our $7,000-in-7-days goal.

And here’s the good news: We still have two days left to reach it.

We’ve raised $4,589 from 57 donors so far. Eyeballing the donor names and addresses listed below, we note that today’s group is weighted towards the east metro and beyond. Come to think of it, the last group was too.  

  • Kerry Fine, Roseville: “I learn a lot from, and want to support, Ron Meador’s very thoughtful work.”
  • Rebecca Church, St. Paul: “The environment is our most pressing problem right now.”
  • Colles and John Larkin, Dellwood: “Because educating us all about environmental issues is key to understanding where our culture has led us and why we need to change.”
  • Matthew Kaproth, St. Paul: “Thanks for your work on science and environmental awareness!”
  • Linda Goodspeed, Falcon Heights: “I have always been concerned about the environment. MinnPost has been doing a great job of reporting on the environment. I want to contribute to this effort.”
  • Brian Scholin, Pine City: “I like info I can trust enough so I can spend my time thinking about the implications of the content, rather than wondering if it is correct/true.”
  • Ray Schmitz, Rochester: “We spend far more on the NYT and they have ended their blog. As long time friends of the environment we need the prodding of information such as this to stay current.”
  • Nancy Beach, Minneapolis: “Climate change and the environment are the most important issues we face. It is important that we are all informed about this issue.”
  • Diane Mundt, St. Louis Park: “If we don’t have a world fit to live in, we have nothing. Environmental issues have not received the importance they deserve in the media. Thanks Ron and MinnPost.”

This campaign ends Thursday, Feb. 13. We know we can reach the goal with your help

Minneapolis and points west, how about it?

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