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Expanded arts coverage campaign: $3,586 raised so far

Dozens of people have contributed amounts ranging from $5 to $500 to help MinnPost expand arts coverage.

As of Day Two of MinnPost’s expanded arts coverage campaign, dozens of people have contributed amounts ranging from $5 to $500. The current total raised is $3,586.

That’s very encouraging, but we still have a long way to go to get to our goal: $10,000 in 10 days. The campaign ends Friday, June 27.

Please help MinnPost expand Pamela Espeland’s Artscape column from two to four times a week.

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The comments below from donors are shared with permission.

MinnPost is the one journalistic entity which is actually GROWING its arts coverage, rather than shrinking it. If we arts “generators” (visual artists, theater artists and musicians) want to get the word out, we need to rally behind the places that want to do it. — Maria Jette, Excelsior

MinnPost’s coverage of the recent deplorable lockout of the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra was the best I read anywhere. Keep up the good work.   Jeanne Tanamachi, Lauderdale

Arts coverage is inadequate from other publications.  Rolf Westgard, Saint Paul

Artscape and MinnPost are my go-to sources of reliable info on an enormous range of arts & cultural events, artists and organizations. They have been an absolutely essential supplier of otherwise-unpublished facts and insights on the travails of the Minnesota Orchestra and SPCO. — Mariellen Jacobson, Minneapolis

Since I read the arts coverage (as well as many other things) on MinnPost, I figured I should donate too Brian McClellan, Saint Paul

Thanks to MinnPost for highlighting and providing public information on the wonderful arts scene in the Twin Cities and beyond. The NY Times has a whole arts section every day, realizing the importance of the arts for its readers (and the economy of New York). MinnPost is our only outlet with this extensive coverage.  William O. Beeman, Minneapolis

MinnPost alone is worth supporting. MinnPost + more arts coverage = extra nice.  Kate Borowske, Saint Paul

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Minnesota is the arts! Please keep up your great coverage.  Kathryn Nettleman, Minneapolis

Because the StarTribune isn’t doing it!!  Sarah Nagle, Chaska

The creation of great art requires resources and funding. So does great arts journalism, and MinnPost is just about the only media outlet left in Minnesota that still bothers to dig deeply into issues affecting the arts community.  Sam Bergman, Minneapolis

Special thanks for the excellent coverage of the two orchestra lockouts.  Nita Krevans, Minneapolis

We enjoy MN theater.  Bob & Joy Kaul

Expanded arts coverage campaign: $3,586 raised so far

The arts are underreported in the Twin Cities. MinnPost provides excellent journalism. Enhancing its arts coverage will be beneficial for the arts in our community. Thank you for doing this.  Larry Perlman, Wilson, WY

MinnPost’s coverage of the arts is superb and should have the resources to grow. There is so much to share.  Joe Duffy, Afton

I became aware of and came to appreciate your coverage during the MN Orchestra lockout. I found your coverage by far the most informative and evenhanded.  Amna Quereshi, Rochester

The ability to provide objective reporting and insightful analysis in the same article, and occasionally the need “to call a spade a spade” makes MinnPost a primary source for arts news in the Twin Cities. Thanks!  Lee & Polly Henderson, Minneapolis

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In appreciation of the excellent and factual coverage during the Minnesota Orchestra lockout.  Wendy Lukaszewski, Crystal

Invaluable resource about what is going on and where, with helpful comments on why we should attend. Wouldn’t miss reading it!  Pat Davies, Minneapolis

Top level journalism regarding the lockout and fallout at Minnesota Orchestra. Most comprehensive coverage by any media in MN.  Linda Daniell Murrell, Excelsior

It’s good and I want more of it.  Eric Ramstad, Minneapolis

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