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Thanks to you, Artscape will expand July 8

MinnPost’s campaign to raise $10,000 to expand arts coverage met its goal — and as a result Artscape will start appearing four times a week.

Thanks to you, Artscape will expand July 8

MinnPost’s campaign to raise $10,000 to expand arts coverage met its goal — and we are delighted to announce that Pamela Espeland’s Artscape column will appear four times a week starting Tuesday, July 8.

With the help of 137 donors, we raised $10,443 over 10 days. Donations ranged from $5 to $1,000.

In addition, our challenge pool grew to $14,000, with contributions from Ford Bell, Fuller Cowles and Connee Mayeron, Paula and Cy DeCosse, Design Forty Five, Polly Grose, Nina Hale, Lili Hall, Garrison Keillor, Monica Little and Mark Abeln, Chris and Dan Mahai, Eric Newman and Janice Gepner, Kay and Mike O’Keefe, and Medtronic Philanthropy on behalf of Kay O’Keefe.

The grand total is therefore $24,443.

In the final days of the campaign, donors offered a variety of reasons for contributing. Comments are reprinted with permission.

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Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who stepped up to expand arts coverage on MinnPost. Your support makes MinnPost possible.

Tell us about interesting things happening in Minnesota!Nancy Gertner, Saint Louis Park

Public involvement and awareness of the arts is essential to a thriving, growing, developing community!NewStudio Architecture, White Bear Lake

Some of the best written, most thoughtful arts coverage available in the Twin Cities.Gregory Milliren, Saint Louis Park

Good coverage of the MN Orchestra lockout. Especially appreciated Doug Grow’s items (and getting my own commentary published). David Markle, Minneapolis

We need more in-depth reviews of classical music events and concerts. Dennis Olson, Saint Louis Park

The Arts celebrate the soul of a community. Doug Throckmorton, Saint Paul

MinnPost has the most accurate arts coverage I’ve found anywhere. Thank you, MinnPost! Rebecca Corruccini, Minneapolis

Dependable and insightful journalism. Frederick Lott, Golden Valley

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Thank you for your fabulous coverage of the arts in the Twin Cities! Wendy Williams, Minneapolis

The Arts enrich our community so I want to support the coverage to encourage more art! Lauren Altschuler, Minneapolis

The Stroll is always entertaining. Keep up the good work! Neil Peterson, Saint Paul

The arts coverage by Pamela at MinnPost covers the range of immediately helpful Picks of the Week to joyful interviews to solid background reporting … vital & insightful! And the whole arts team each provide enticing info that reminds us of our exciting arts community. Thanks!Judy Schwartau, Minneapolis

It’s never too late to support arts coverage on MinnPost!