Making progress on MinnPost’s year-end campaign

MinnPost’s year-end campaign started December 3, and we’re making some progress towards our ambitious year-end goals. But we’ve still got a long way to go — and we need your help. 

We’re about 20% of the way towards the goal of donations from 375 households that have not supported MinnPost so far this year. Donations to date range from $20 to $250. We greatly appreciate contributions from both first-time and returning donors. 

Donate today and tell us why you’re supporting MinnPost. The comments below are reprinted with permission.

Donate today, and help MinnPost make news throughout 2015!

The world needs more independent journalism. — Bill Slobotski, St. Paul

Your service makes me feel more informed and more a part of my community. Thank you! — Ashley Wirth-Petrik, Lino Lakes

I appreciate your coverage of local issues including your arts coverage. — Greg Toltzman, Minneapolis

FB friends shared informative, locally-based MinnPost articles of keen interest. Want to be in-the-know. — Darcy and Dane McKenzie, Mendota Heights

Independent journalism is the heart of a free and democratic society – MinnPost is a critical part of the tradition. — Beth and Aaron Barnes, Minneapolis

I kind of feel it is kind of like supporting MPR. I read MinnPost almost everyday and I find the quality of the journalism top notch. Keep up the good work! — Peter Filkins, Minneapolis

It covers issues and topics in depth, keeps me up to date on the community discussions of importance. — Terri Barreiro and James Clifford, Maple Plain

I love Bill Lindeke! His CityScape posts are one of my favorite online reads. — Janne K. Flisrand, Minneapolis

One of the best sources of news and opinion in the Twin Cities. — Tom Timmons, Shoreview

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