Year-end donations — and comments — are coming in

MinnPost’s year-end campaign started Wednesday, December 3, and we’re already hearing from lots of folks. Some are first-time donors, others are returning, and we are grateful to every single one.

All donations received by December 31 will help us reach one or both of our ambitious year-end goals:

  • Goal #1: donations from 375 households that have not supported MinnPost so far this year.
  • Goal #2: total donations of $60,000, surpassing the $56,000 that came in at the end of 2013.

We love to hear the reasons people support MinnPost. We’ll publish a sampling of comments as they come in during this campaign. The comments below are reprinted with permission.

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We really appreciate your good coverage of the Minnesota Orchestra lockout, and many other critical issues. Thanks!Rebecca and John Shockley, Minneapolis

Because of Beth Hawkins terrific reporting – Learning Curve is the best coverage of our educational system (in fact, it’s the best in the country). — Beth Dooley, Minneapolis

MinnPost answers my questions about the world before I ask them. — Jan Hansen, Chaska

Love reading MinnPost every Sunday. — Sally VanValkenburg, Plymouth

MinnPost’s coverage of urban design shows its commitment to a better public realm. — Ted Tucker, Minneapolis

Love seeing “MY BOY’S” work in MinnPost! — Judi Gleeman, Minnetonka

Depth of local reporting. — Mary Claire Schultz, Minneapolis

Great coverage of Minnesota news. — Noel and Melissa Martinson, Long Lake

Balanced and informative news reporting. Comments are thoughtful.  Gary Lent and Maryjo Hackett, Minneapolis

Enjoy the local, yet diverse and quirky focus (examples: GOP vs bikers and walkers; and the TC’s disappearing shortcuts). — Cindy Schoenecker & Ken Heitz, St. Paul Park

News and information about Minnesota I do not see any other place. — Leslie Krona, Inver Grove Heights

Outstanding source of news.  Ray Schmitz and Gael Entrikin, Rochester

Even though we come at MN politics from a DECIDEDLY DIFFERENT perspective, I find the information useful, and so am willing to pay a little something for it. Free markets at work! Dennis Schminke, Austin 

Brian Lambert’s comments in the Daily Glean are the best way to get started every morning — a cheeky response to the best daily collection of national and local news stories. MinnPost gives me hope for MN! — Nicky Leingang, Minneapolis

I don’t believe journalists should be poor as they do such important work. I want them to not have to rely on ad revenue or subscriptions. — Orrin Konheim, Arlington, VA

MinnPost keeps me in the know! — Mark Snyder, Minneapolis

A Minnesota native, I enjoy reading MinnPost to keep up with things back home. Thanks for content that is both refreshing and insightful. — Mary McCarthy, Taylors, SC

I like your news and point of view. — George Weyer and Patricia Kurt, Woodbury

MinnPost carries on the tradition of great journalism in Minneapolis and the Midwest! — Dan Tyson, Minneapolis

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