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There’s still time to take the first MinnPost Quiz

MinnPost will be rolling out a brand new edition of our new MinnPost Quiz on Friday, but there’s still time to play our first quiz. 

Here’s a question to consider: Can you beat Terri?

MinnPost will be rolling out a brand new edition of our new MinnPost Quiz on Friday, which will no doubt surprise, challenge and delight everyone who takes it. But before we get there, we also wanted to make sure you knew that there’s still time to play our first quiz (it will be available until midnight Thursday).

That’s where Terri comes in. By way of motivating all you procrastinators out there — and let you know what you’re up against — we reached out to the person who currently holds the best score for the first quiz : Terri Fishel, who absolutely crushed it, getting every answer correct in a time of 1:14.  

A library director at Macalester, Fishel is an avid reader, but not a particularly zealous quiz taker. “I sometimes take quizzes that are on Facebook, posted by friends,” she says. “But I am not a regular current events quiz taker.” Under heavy questioning (OK, we emailed her), she also admitted that she had to guess the answer to one of the questions. 

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So here’s your chance, America. If you think you can do better than Terri, there’s an easy way to find out. 

Just to remind you how it all works: Every Friday, our quizmaster, Andrew Minck, rolls out a new quiz with a dozen multiple-choice questions, all of which focus on current events in Minnesota. The whole thing shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re a regular MinnPost reader, given that the answers will be taken from items that have appeared on the site during the previous week or so. 

Once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to see how your score compares to the average result and challenge your friends (or mortal enemies) to do better. Anyone can take the quiz, but only MinnPost Silver, Gold, and Platinum members are eligible for our leader board, which lists the top 25 scores for that week’s quiz.

One final reminder: To get the most out of the quiz, remember to sign in, which will allow us to keep track of how you did, and — if you’re a qualifying member — post your score for the leader board.

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