Year-end campaign pushes MinnPost past 2,600 members, a new record

Heading into the final week, we continue to make progress on our year-end campaign. We finished yesterday with 2,601 member households, crossing that threshold for the first time in our eight-year history.

We sincerely thank all those who have given during our year-end campaign – and at any point during the rest of the year, too. We are member-supported, and couldn’t do what we do without you.

In this campaign so far, we have received 392 gifts collectively worth $50,104, requiring us to raise an additional $4,000 to receive the full $25,000 MinnPost Membership Challenge Fund grant, and another $20,000 to hit our goal of $70,000 by Dec. 31.

Any gift in any amount will be matched dollar for dollar, and get us closer to our goal.

Many of those who have already contributed took a moment to tell us why they did. Some recent comments are posted below, with permission.

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Fair, honest, local news is missing from the media. Please take on more investigative journalism and fact checking of stories from other media.Mark Anderson, Minneapolis

Excellent source for well-researched local news.Linda Herron, Minneapolis

Love reading the great informative articlesMarcia Rein, Orlando, FL

Since MinnPost was founded it has been a daily source of information that deepens and broadens my understanding of current events.Addie Mattson, Minneapolis

Honest News!Jo Howe, Saint Paul

Truly independent journalism with good environmental coverage.Reid Carron, Ely

As someone who lives in Greater Minnesota, I appreciate that there is an independent newspaper that covers the entire state.Sheri Holm, Fergus Falls

I trust your coverage of events in Minnesota, the U.S. and, upon occasion, within the rest of the world. It is fair, in my opinion, and respectful.Maureen Halverson, Cold Spring

Useful background and perspectiveRichard Primuth, Edina

Supporting a free pressCarl Schwensohn, Minneapolis

MinnPost provides quality journalism that I appreciate.Joseph Novak, Minneapolis

Clear, thorough, even-handed journalism should be encouraged and supported.James Cullum, Minneapolis

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