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Year-end campaign raises nearly $68,000 and sets new membership record

We are pleased to report that our year-end campaign was a tremendous success, raising nearly $68,000 and helping MinnPost set a new membership record.

Thanks to the generosity of the more than 550 member-donors, we are pleased to report that our year-end campaign was a tremendous success, raising nearly $68,000 and helping MinnPost set a new membership record.

During the campaign we received 552 contributions worth a combined $67,797. While we fell a hair short of our $70,000 goal, we are thrilled to have raised nearly 20 percent more than we did last year and finish 2015 with 2,616 member households, our highest count yet!

Including the $25,000 challenge grant put up by the MinnPost Membership Challenge Fund, the campaign raised more than $92,000 in support of high-quality, Minnesota-focused journalism.

To all those who gave, we extend a sincere THANK YOU!

Throughout the campaign, we invited donors to take a minute and tell us why they decided to contribute. Selected comments received in the final week of the drive – many from Minnesota expats – are posted below, with permission.

Useful and objective news.Richard Swanson, Saint Paul

Having been away from St. Paul for 26 years, MinnPost makes me feel like I never left.Bill Slettom, Monticello, NM

MinnPost has become a vital trusted source of information for me.Jon Koenigs, Minneapolis

I appreciate the in-depth reporting and especially your political reporting by Eric Black and the rural Minnesota features as well. I grew up in Pope County near Cyrus so I am interested in rural economics, culture, and politics.Douglas Veum, Knoxville, TN

Great local news coverage. Great coverage of education and the arts!Anne Mahle, Minneapolis

MinnPost covers local issues/events that others do not cover or not as well.George Jelatis, Minneapolis

Like reporting and perspective and commitment to real news.Craig Swaggert, Minneapolis

Good news. Great people.Craig Richter, Kansas City, MO

Same as last year!! Brian Lambert and Eric Black.Mary Flister, Saint Paul

Great news coverage. Keeps us up to date on Minnesota happenings.Daryl Gerke, Mesa, AZ

It’s good content and I’m trying to be better about supporting good content.Sam Bauman, Minneapolis

In-depth articles on topics not everyone covers.Bonnie Wilson, Saint Paul

I’m a daily reader.Nancy Bunnett, Minneapolis

Excellent journalismJanel Bush, Lilydale

You folks provide the “balance of power” that is so sorely needed in today’s America.KaiMay Terry, Wayzata

The mission.Beth Silverwater, Minneapolis

MinnPost is important not just because it keeps me up to date on the news, but it helps me teach history and government classes better with its selection of carefully curated articles.Douglas Hoverson, Minneapolis

Quality, insightful reporting. An efficient way to keep up with all things Minnesota. Take it from a Minnesota expatriate: moving away brings into sharp focus just how great Minnesota is. MinnPost is but another example.Ron Erlewine, Palatine, IL

Enjoy your articles. They offer other perspectives and information than the Star Trib.Paul Juhl, Edina

Fresh reporting – lifting the curtain so we can see how + why.Chuck Leer, Wayzata

Thanks for your great local reporting!Ed Newton, New Brighton

Good, quality independent journalism and in-depth reporting that for-profit model does not always support or provide.Timothy Marx, Minneapolis

Good sources of news and commentary are valuable. MinnPost is one of them.Ken Bearman, Minneapolis

Policy, Earth Journal, Arts coverage and the great staff I love to work with.Doranne Willis, Plymouth

I enjoy reading MinnPost! Especially the Glean by Brian Lambert. Thank you.Kathleen Robertson, Deephaven

MinnPost is an excellent source of Minnesota-specific news.Elizabeth Wefel, Saint Paul

Eric Black, Ron Meador, Susan Perry. Would like more of Louis Johnston and Nick Hayes.Bruce Marshall, Kettle River

Eric Black.Charles Carroll, Saint Paul

I appreciate the quality journalism that I can rely on when I read articles published on MinnPost. In addition, I appreciate how MinnPost covers serious issues that affect the lives of people in many aspects (education, jobs, society, etc.). THANKS!Choonkyong Kim, Saint Cloud