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Earth Journal campaign aims to raise $10,000 in 7 days

Today we’re launching a week-long campaign to support Earth Journal, our award-winning environmental column from Ron Meador.

We aim to raise $10,000 in 7 days, about a fifth of what it costs to produce a year of Earth Journal. Generous donors have already pledged most of the remaining $40,000 needed for 2016.

The column was launched in 2011 and expanded in 2012 with support from a small number of generous major donors we call our Earth Journal Circle. It has become a must-read for anyone interested in Midwest environmental issues. Last year, Earth Journal was recognized as the best independent news blog (on any subject) by the Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

This week we’re urging the rest of our readers to join our Earth Journal Circle donors by making a gift in any amount. Please help MinnPost sustain, to quote a donor, “by far the best coverage of the important environment news in Minnesota.”

Donate now

Here’s a sampling of what donors have said about MinnPost’s environmental coverage in the past year:

It is the best environmental in-depth news coverage in the state. – Susan Leaf, Center City

MinnPost has proven to be a trusted news source. Earth Journal provides true balance and perspective week in and week out. – Erik Koehler, Minnetonka

MinnPost does by far the best coverage of the important environment news in Minnesota, and your Earth Journal work, Ron, has been spectacular. – John Hottinger, St. Paul 

[I support MinnPost] to try to bring more attention to the Twin Cities about the threats to the water and environment in the northern part of the state. – James Reents, Hackensack

Truly independent journalism with good environmental coverage. – Reid Carron, Ely

I like the environmental reporting and the alternative perspective from the major local papers. – Eugene Champeau, Hamel 

Earth Journal Circle Founders

We are grateful for the support of the following individuals and foundations, who have pledged multi-year support in amounts ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per year.

  • Edward R. Bazinet Foundation
  • David Winton Bell Foundation
  • Wendy Bennett
  • Bill and Sharon Clapp
  • Jay and Page Cowles
  • Jack and Claire Dempsey
  • Peter and Mary Gove
  • Kathy Jones
  • Martin and Brown Foundation
  • Lorna and Tom Gleason
  • Jim Lenfestey
  • Jane Mauer
  • Rolf and Lindy Westgard
  • Nancy Gibson and Ron Sternal
  • Bob and Pat Tammen
  • Design Forty Five
  • Penny Winton

Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Joe Musich on 02/16/2016 - 06:48 pm.

    Earth Journal donation ?

    What is the guarantee my giving will only go to Earth Journal ?

    • Submitted by Claire Radomski on 02/17/2016 - 11:42 am.

      Good question, Joe. The short answer is that we ask you to trust us to apply your contributions to the things we say we will. (And I assure you, we do.)

      The longer answer is that every donation received during this drive is recorded in our system as being in support of Earth Journal. When budgeting, we look at the total received in support of each of our coverage areas and we make sure we spend at least that much on those topics. In practice, we almost always spend more.

      Past that, we consider dedicated donations to be an important indicator – though not the only one – of reader support for a given coverage area.

      Thanks for your question. I hope this helps answer it. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me directly!

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