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Earth Journal campaign raises more than $9,000

Our Earth Journal campaign ended at midnight last night, with 82 donors having contributed a combined $9,135, less than $900 from our $10,000 goal.

Our Earth Journal campaign ended at midnight last night, with 82 donors having contributed a combined $9,135 in support of the twice-weekly column, less than $900 from our $10,000 goal.

To everyone who gave, THANK YOU!

After getting off to a slow start, the campaign sprang to life in its final days, fueled by a $2,500 matching gift and a fantastic live event on water quality issues.

(Check out today’s Earth Journal piece for a recap of that conversation.)

Including the generous gifts received from our Earth Journal Circle donors, MinnPost members have collectively contributed more than $55,000 to sustain our award-winning environmental journalism.

If you would like to join them in showing your support, it’s not too late to contribute to our 2016 Earth Journal campaign.

Here’s what a few of the members who contributed during this campaign had to say about why they support MinnPost and Earth Journal:

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Reporting with integrity!Maureen Cannon, Eagan

We are impressed with and trust the environmental and climate change coverage by Ron Meador. He does his homework, has integrity in what he writes, and makes the science accessible to the public. Thanks!Clay Oglesbee, Northfield

Good basic political and state-wide news.Ardis Wexler, Edina

Journalists need to be paid!John Velie, Minneapolis

I read and share Ron Meador’s posts. Can’t imagine how uninformed I’d be without his excellent reporting.Linda Medin, Hugo

Well written and timely news!Jill Marks, Minneapolis

I really appreciate the environmental reporting.Scott Peterson, St. Paul

The topics are timely and the articles are well-written.Sandra Nussbaum, Minneapolis

I feel that most of the newspapers and television and radio stations in the Twin Cities do not do an adequate amount of environmental reporting.Samuel Brungardt, St. Paul

To keep up on Minnesota politics and culture.Jon Shafer, Webster, Wisconsin

I like the quality of the coverage. The depth and scope of the pieces fits with my level of interest in most topics.Thomas Anderson, Rogers

MinnPost provides more thorough coverage of key events than other Minnesota publications.Rolf Westgard, St. Paul

It is getting more difficult to get news you can trust. I rely on MinnPost to keep me informed about local issues every day.Carl Rundquist, Arden Hills

Can’t have too many reliable, well-written local news sources! Thanks for stepping up to the plate.John Miller, St. Paul

I go to MinnPost first thing every morning for Lambert’s take on the latest news. The news may not cheer me up but his brief commentary captures my sentiments in a very reassuring way.Chuck Carlin, Northfield

I read your posts semi-regularly, so I figured I should contribute semi-regularly.Brian McClellan, St. Paul

Earth Journal Circle Founders

We are grateful for the support of the following individuals and foundations, who have pledged multi-year support in amounts ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per year.

    • Edward R. Bazinet Foundation
    • David Winton Bell Foundation
    • Wendy Bennett
    • Bill and Sharon Clapp
    • Jay and Page Cowles
    • Jack and Claire Dempsey
    • Peter and Mary Gove
    • Kathy Jones
    • Martin and Brown Foundation
    • Lorna and Tom Gleason
    • Jim Lenfestey
    • Jane Mauer
    • Rolf and Lindy Westgard
    • Nancy Gibson and Ron Sternal
    • Bob and Pat Tammen
    • Design Forty Five
    • Penny Winton