MinnPost launches new member challenge with goal of 50 new members Tuesday

Since MinnPost’s fall member drive began last Tuesday morning, more than 75 readers have made a contribution in support of our election coverage this season, putting us just over halfway to our goal of 150 gifts overall.

To all those who have given, THANK YOU!

Today we’re launching a new member challenge aimed to recruit 50 first-time members. We hope those who have never supported MinnPost make a gift in support of MinnPost’s work before the drive ends Wednesday.

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Below are comments from some of the readers who have given this week, reprinted with permission.

Quality journalism that most often covers stories not found elsewhere. – Kathleen Laurila, Crystal

In-depth reporting, Community Voices, and Pamela Espeland’s Artscape. – Mary Hunt, St. Paul

A way to stay connected as a full-time Florida resident. – Martha Meyers, Naples

Good reporting by seasoned reporters. I support newspapers, and this online version is something to support. – Rachel Brudnoy, Wayzata

Good reporting and writing that’s not heavy on the sensational and reflects solid and useful journalism. – Barbara McKernan, St. Paul

Although I’ve been gone from MN for 25 years, I still keep watch over the state. MinnPost keeps me up to date on people and places, including the larger trends in my once-upon-a-time home. – Dr. Robert L. Carothers, Wakefield, RI

Quality, independent journalism. – Mark K. Covey, Ph.D., Felton

Eric Black and Susan Perry are my favorites in addition to all the others. I read MinnPost every day. – Dag Knudsen, Lake City

Best Minnesota coverage, anywhere. – Nicholas Hansen, St. Louis Park

Journalism with integrity and electronic reach. – Mae Seely Sylvester, St. Paul

Great daily news stories unique to Minnesota. – Steven Larson, Shoreview

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