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MinnPost nears end-of-year fundraising goal; donations still coming in

MinnPost has raised over $73,000 throughout our 2016 year-end campaign.

Thanks to the generosity of more than 550 member-donors, we are pleased to report that our year-end campaign has raised nearly $73,000, putting us within reach of our $75,000 campaign goal. We expect that total to climb as we receive more checks in the mail and online donations.

There’s still time to contribute if you’d like to help ensure this drive’s success.

New this drive, readers who become Platinum members by giving at least $20 per month (or $240 at one time) will be eligible for new one-year digital subscriptions to The New York Times.

A surge in last-minute donations has already helped us acheive our other campaign goal of finishing the year with MinnPost’s highest-ever member count − as of Jan. 1, we have 2,802 member households!

Throughout the campaign, we invited donors to take a minute and tell us why they decided to contribute. Selected comments received in the final week of the drive are posted below, with permission.

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I give because I appreciate the Greater Minnesota aspects of your reporting. – Raymond Christensen, Duluth

We give to support the in-depth articles on topical issues important to us here in Minnesota. – Mary Jane & Ralph Mitchell, Minneapolis

As a transplant to the Twin Cities, I’ve found MinnPost one of the best sources for deepening my understanding the political, socioeconomic, and cultural landscape here. – Sue Searing, Minneapolis

We enjoy all the reporting but we especially value Earth Journal’s deep dives into environmental topics. – Whitney & Sarah Clark, St. Paul

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It’s a pleasure to be able to support local, independent reporting that covers stories the others miss. – Andrew Rockway, St. Paul

We need more local independent media to look into corruption and hold the local powers accountable. – Steve Tuckner, Roseville

I support MinnPost because quality media is hard to find.Brian Simon, Minneapolis

I give because a friend told me it was most honest news in Minnesota.Thomas Maclemzoe, St. Paul

Love you guys. Thank you for the news that is relevant each day!Carrie Marsh, St. Paul

I keep finding myself reading your articles – so glad for all the Minnesota coverage! – Miriam Holsinger, Minneapolis

We need to support important, relevant, balanced, truthful, and articulate news sources like MinnPost now more than ever to preserve what we can of our democracy.Patricia Welter, Waite Park

I am new to the area but I have enjoyed the articles written by MinnPost thus far. The articles are very informative, beneficial and enlightening.Gloria Rupert, Winona

Good reporting on issues central to Minnesota and Minnesotans – honest, straightforward and, dare I say, fact-based. Thank you, thank you. – Terry Nagle, Golden Valley

Great reporting! Thoughtful analysis of important issues.Kate Pfaffinger, St. Paul

I give because MinnPost is important as an independent news source!George D. Jelatis, Minneapolis

Thorough, thoughtful, and intelligent journalism. Coverage of the arts, education, and health and healthcare, topics that are not well covered by our print newspapers. We don’t have to crawl through th shrubbery to find it. And, it’s always delivered… – David & Susan Brostrom, St. Paul

I give to support good journalism. – June Sroufe, Minneapolis

Excellent reporting. No fluff and no fakes. I trust MinnPost. That makes all the difference!Steve Staruch, Minneapolis

I give to help support a free press, and accurate information.Jan Griffith, Minneapolis

Now, more than ever, I feel the need for a reliable and solid source of information. – Margaret Celebrezze, St. Paul

I give to support great regional coverage. – Marjorie Huseth, Minneapolis

A high quality independent press is critical for democracy.Paul Robb, St. Paul

High-quality journalism is important, and I value having multiple sources of locally-produced news. Thanks for your work!C. Burke, Richfield

Good journalism that digs deeper than the surface is necessary for our democracy.Martha Sheppard, St. Paul

Excellent in-depth journalism! – Susan Vandenberg, St. Paul

MinnPost is the best source for the FULL story about key local issues. The phenomenal talent pool of reporters and commenters is an invaluable resource for people willing to be informed about our communities. – Lisa Hinz & Stuart Macdonald, Woodbury

Excellent journalism! I don’t always agree but I am better informed because of MinnPost.Steven Bailey, Golden Valley

The media is under attack. Time to support high-quality, trustworthy media. – Peg Guilfoyle, St. Paul

MinnPost is a fine supplement to local TV news. It provides the analysis we need for local and national issues while sharing a sense of identity for Minnesotans.Diane Dorff, Crystal

MinnPost really is fair and balanced. Excellent writing and stories covering issues not always given much attention elsewhere.Roberta Carlson, Minneapolis

I give to support independent reporting of local news. – John Drucker Designs, Minneapolis

The articles are good reads and very informative. I particularly appreciate Ron Meador’s environmental pieces and Susan Perry’s writing on health issues.Brian Berggren, Inver Grove Heights

Thank you for your great journalism!Sue Cross, Los Angeles, CA

We need to support excellent journalism in the Twin Cities where we find it. – Terry Mackin & Judy Applen, Bloomington

Useful source of local news, quality writing. – Thue & Uttara Rasmussen, Falcon Heights

Just want to support REAL news.Wanda Jacobsen, St. Joseph

At a time when the airwaves and cyberspace are filled with feverish, fetid, flying, falsehoods, and most media outlets have long since deserted any sense of community responsibility or search for accuracy in favor of grabbing eyeballs and selling advertising, MinnPost provides a thoughtful, thought provoking, well-documented and well-reasoned source of information currently unequaled in Minnesota media. Gregory Kapphahn, Alexandria

Desire for (relatively) unbiased, factual news. – David S. Miller, Minneapolis

I give to support independent, thoughtful journalism. – G. Bendtsen, Big Lake

MinnPost provides a great local progressive voice and is a helpful source of information I can’t find elsewhere. I read it for everything from local artistic and cultural reviews to politics and civic coverage. We need it now more than ever before. – ND Van Beest, Shoreview

The real corruption in government and the media is the fact that people as a rule no longer care about what is going on. People may not want to admit that but the fact is that media only exists to the extent people are willing to pay for it. Overwhelmingly that gets down to advertising and therefore the interests of the advertisers are paramount. The interests of the citizens should be paramount and therefore I must do my part and support journalism. – Wade Brezina, Minneapolis

MinnPost provies excellent coverage of issues of importance.Patricia A. Mullen, Minneapolis

Journalism is an essential part of a functioning democracy.Thomas Loddengaard, Minneapolis

MinnPost offers insightful reporting on issues I care about. – Roann Cramer, Minneapolis

I give because local in-depth journalism is important to democracy.Jean & Dave Dunbar, Lake Elmo

I give to support great arts coverage by Pamela Espeland, done with knowledge and depth – and the writing of Eric Black.Tom Trow, Minneapolis

I enjoy thoughtful local journalism, especially coverage of education topics.Laurel LeBlanc, St. Paul

We want to honor Joel and Laurie Kramer. – Sallie Gaines & Mark Richardson, Chicago

Thoughtful, well-written coverage of local news by some of the area’s best journalists. – Grant Abbott, St. Paul

I appreciate the content that MinnPost provides. As a native Minnesotan, I seek those professionally-prepared reports and features about what’s happening at home. It’s also a great database on things that work: I find myself sending links from MinnPost content to friends and contacts around the country. That’s proof that Minnesota makes things happen, and MinnPost provides the who, what, when, where, and why. – Mary C. McCarthy, Taylors, SC

Highly credible reporting, investigating.Diane Norland, North Mankato