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Spring Member Drive inspires support for MinnPost’s local news coverage

MinnPost supporters value in-depth coverage of local news and power our nonprofit newsroom with member donations. Help build momentum during our Spring Member Drive with a donation today!

MinnPost is proud to provide all Minnesotans with in-depth coverage of local news. As a nonprofit, we make our work available to everyone. No subscription required. That paywall-free approach is only possible thanks to the generous support we receive from members.

During our Spring Member Drive, we’re aiming to earn at least 125 donations from new or renewing members. Two days into the drive, we’re at 11 donations toward that goal.

So, we’ve got some work to do before the drive ends on March 15, but we’re confident we can get there, and here’s why: Our loyal readers know how important local news is to a healthy democracy. 

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Also, some great thank-you gifts help. When you renew, join, or increase your support to $10/month, you get:

Member donations of any amount are essential to MinnPost’s nonprofit newsroom and the in-depth coverage of local news. Those who give during the drive are encouraged to let us know why, and we’ll potentially share these comments in future updates. 

Here are just a few of the reasons members have support MinnPost during the drive so far:

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I think that MinnPost provides a real service to its readers and I enjoy reading many of the articles. You are another way for me to get reliable information about important events and institutions in our community. — David Flannery, Minneapolis

Good independent source of news. — H. Michael Whalen, Woodbury

MinnPost writes in-depth coverage of topics that concern Minnesota. I especially appreciate the look at our schools and also our politics! — Linda Brandt, Minneapolis

The best local news, critical to a functioning, informed local democratic system. Now more than ever we need policy-informed, critical, thorough local reporting. — Jonathan Cowgill, Minneapolis

Thank you for reading and supporting our nonprofit newsroom!

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