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Who will put us over the top on the last day of the Spring Member Drive?

It’s the last day of the Spring Member Drive, and we’re only 24 donations away from hitting our goal.

We’re so close! Will you be the one to put us over the top?

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Members donate anywhere from $5 and up to MinnPost. Support at all levels is absolutely vital to the success of our nonprofit newsroom and the quality of our in-depth reporting on local news.

If you read and value our coverage of Minnesota news, you can make it possible by donating today. You could be the one to get us across the finish line for the drive goal.

And when you donate at the Gold level, you can get your hands on our limited-edition soccer-style scarf:

Below are comments in which current members have told us why they support MinnPost. If you agree with them and you aren’t already a member, will you join today to keep our work going strong?

Best in-depth coverage of Minnesota stories.  Stephen Colton, New Hope, MN

I value the professional journalism that goes into MinnPost. I also value the Minnesota news, especially the insight into Minnesota politics.  Richard Blake, Grand Rapids, MN

I admire and savor the quality of the writing and appreciate the range of coverage, from politics to regional planning to culture broadly defined (including excellent coverage of the arts).  Kate Tyler, Minneapolis, MN

Excellent reporting on items that interest me greatly: civics, government, and Minnesota news.  Alan Amdahl, Albany, MN

It’s important to support news organizations that provide broad, in-depth coverage of issues of the day. I especially appreciate Briana [Bierschbach]’s coverage of the legislature.  — Judith Erickson, Shafer, MN

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