MinnPost’s Sam Brodey wins Young Journalist of the Year; MinnPost takes 12 other Page One Awards

MinnPost photo by Corey Anderson
2018 Page One Awards

MinnPost writers won 13 Page One Awards Thursday night, recognizing coverage from the last year that touched on scandals at the Minnesota Legislature, chronic school absenteeism, the Minneapolis mayor’s race, the Minnesota Election Tracker and more.

Presented by the Minnesota Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, the annual awards ceremony and banquet, held at the Town & Country Club in St. Paul, featured speaker Christopher Ingraham, a Washington Post reporter who moved to Red Lake County, Minnesota, after infamously calling it “the absolute worst place to live in America.”

Winners list

First Place, Young Journalist of the Year: Sam Brodey

First Place, Best Continuing Coverage (Online): Briana Bierschbach, for coverage of sexual harassment at the Minnesota Capitol.

First Place, Meeting Planned Event Feature (Online): Briana Bierschbach, Sam Brodey, Tom Nehil, “Minnesota Election Tracker”

First Place, Best Independent News Blog: Ron Meador, “Earth Journal”

Second Place, Story of the Year: Briana Bierschbach, “Sexual Harrassment at the Capitol”

Second Place, Best Independent News Blog: Eric Black, “Eric Black Ink”

Second Place, Best Single News Story (Online): Briana Bierschbach, “Multiple women accuse Minnesota state Senator Dan Schoen of sexual harrassment”

Second Place, Best Continuing Coverage (Online): Greta Kaul, “Chronic absenteeism

Second Place, Best Social Media Account (Individual): Briana Bierschbach

Third Place, Meeting/Planned Event Feature (Online): Peter Callaghan, “What the major Minneapolis mayor candidates’ kickoff events say about their campaigns”

Third Place, Best Independent Blog: Pamela Espeland, “Artscape”

Third Place, Arts and Entertainment: Jim Walsh, “Meet Minneapolis’ punk rock ramen chef, Matthew Kazama: ‘You can’t do this without passion’”

Third Place, Arts Criticism/Review (Online): Pamela Espeland, “The Moving Company’s ‘Speechless’ needs no words”

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  1. Submitted by Garth Taylor on 06/17/2018 - 03:20 pm.

    Three Cheers

    Well-deserved. I subscribe to several newspapers internationally and MinnPost is one of my top reads. I would read it anyway because I’m from MN. But the quality of writing makes it extra rewarding. Interestingly, I ignored most of the articles that won awards because they seemed like insider political gossip. If I had an award for long form historical, cultural and economic interest I would bestow it as well.

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